2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Educational Games from SimplyFun


Who doesn’t love game night? Much like gathering around the dinner table, playing games as a family is a great way to connect with your kids, strengthen family bonds, spark conversation, and learn…all while having fun at home!

When it comes to board games, we all have our favorites – but how about something new? Something specifically designed to educate as well as entertain?


Have you heard of the award-winning educational board games company SimplyFun, LLCSimplyFun develops unique and engaging board games that support the educational needs of today’s kids, parents and teachers. SimplyFun games are recognized for their easy-to-learn concepts, interactive components and specific skill-building features, that help children from toddlers to teens with language, science, math, geography and more, and are fun for the whole family. If you’re a homeschooling family, these games are designed to help you with all kinds of lessons for all ages.

We’ve been playing Kilter, a game of balance that teaches physics (as well as a good dose of patience and self-restraint. Valuable for a 4-year-old!)

kilter game
Kilter is an entry-level introduction to levers and predicting outcomes. Each player tries to safely distribute weighted cubes onto the precariously balanced seesaw. If it tilts, your turn is over – and you have to take any pieces that fall! This game also teaches patience – reinforcing when to resist that impulse to press your luck too far! It helps develop and refine fine motor skills, too.

There are tons of other games that I think my son would love, many featuring Tibbar, the company’s bunny ambassador. There are games about animals, gardening, nature, nutrition…all the things we love to learn about! And as he grows, the selection of age- and stage-appropriate games will grow with him. We’ll always know where to go for the perfect gift!

 YOU can become a Playologist!

What’s this about making a living playing games? It’s true – SimplyFun Playologists are direct sales consultants that connect the right kids/families with the right games, depending on what their educational needs are. Playologists receive great discounts on SimplyFun products, as well as the training and tools needed to earn a substantial income while PLAYING!

And now, Playologists have the ability to host an interactive online event anywhere at any time. Called “Virtual Laugh & Learns”, this new technology allows SimplyFun consultants to engage with potential customers from anywhere at any time, even from the comfort of their living room. Talk about potential!

Put the power of play to work in your house! To learn more about SimplyFun, their selection of educational games and how to become a Playologist, visit SimplyFun.com. To stay up-to-date on current news and promotions, follow SimplyFun on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest



  1. Jutta P says

    What a fun looking game! I will have to check our local toystore for this one. Our after school program is looking for game donations for christmas too. This would be a great one!

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