Christmas Craft: Egg Carton Advent Calendar

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Egg Carton Advent Calendar

Not long ago, I bought a dozen Eggland’s Best eggs. There’s just something about egg cartons that seem so crafty, so I always try to save them, but this one was different. Besides being plastic (and especially hard to toss into the trash) it also had a flip-out portion that protects the tops of the eggs, giving it 24 cups instead of the usual 12.


All I could see when I looked at it was a 24-day advent calendar. The perfect Christmas craft for us, since it would allow us to choose the type of candy inside!

Since we’re a dye-free household, I filled each cup of the egg carton with a few UNREAL candies and some all natural Lovely Candies. (Have you tried them? TO. DIE.)

Just a little treat in each. :)

Then, I covered the whole thing with pretty holiday tissue paper, making sure to glue all around the edges and the corners of each individual cup. I knew this would be important because if each compartment wasn’t individually glued, they would all rip when we punched out the individual numbers. (Did that make sense at all?)

Each day’s compartment got it’s own number.

Then, a ribbon through the top for hanging.

I had to slice a little hole to thread the ribbon through…

The inside top of the egg carton just screamed for a little holiday scene or message. When I was browsing the craft store, I found some this owl sticker and a few others came with it, and they were on clearance! I think I paid about a dollar for them. They made the decorating part super easy, which was good because I had a baby tugging on my pant leg.

The final touch was a quick border of red, just to make it look a little more finished.

All finished! (Perfect? Not really, but we’re just going to punch holes in it anyway!)

The whole project only took about 30 minutes, and the total cost of supplies was about $8. I can’t wait to show my little boy on December 1st! Those days leading up to the holiday can be rough for a little guy trying to be as patient as he can, and a little surprise each day might should help ease the excitement a little. I’m thinking I need to find a way to make one for myself filled with K-cups!

*A few post-project notes: We had a small issue with the smaller candies falling through to the lower cups. Using slightly larger candy, like Hershey’s Kiss size, would fix it. Or maybe more glue, but I didn’t want to use too much glue right near the candy. Also, I recommend a little stick of some kind to poke out each day’s paper. We used a large cocktail toothpick, and it worked like a charm!



  1. Jutta P says

    This is adorable! And very do-able even for non-crafty moms like me. I also love getting to select our own “candy”. My kids prefer non-sugary stuff anway. Heck, I could throw raisins in there and they’d be over the moon.

    • Wendy says

      I would go so far as to call them some of the best candies I’ve ever had! I wish I could figure out how to hide them from myself :)

  2. Jess C says

    What a gorgeous idea! And you make it look so easy! No doubt it would take me a lot longer than 30 minutes, but I’m definitely going to give it a try :)

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