2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Glass Dharma Straws {Giveaway ends 12/10}



Did you ever notice how one green step seems to lead to another? You start recycling bottles, then little by little, you find yourself with 6 different garbage cans. Or, you start with cloth diapers, and within months, you’ve got the entire family on “family cloth.” Ok, maybe not…but you get the idea. Sometimes one small change is all you need to get started on the path to the greater green good.

That’s why Glass Dharma straws are such a perfect holiday gift. From a drink at the bar to the kids’ smoothies, straws are everywhere, and what better way to give someone on your gift list a little eco-nudge in the right direction?

A straw? Made of glass!?

Glass is a great material for straws for so many reasons. Plastic can leach into your drink, plus it’s just completely wasteful since plastic straws are single-use items that do nothing but litter our landfills. Stainless steel straws are great, but you can’t see inside them and that always freaked me out. Glass is durable, easy to clean, and just plain cool. Plus, I always feel a little pampered when I use my Glass Dharma straws…and they make a great conversation piece!

But won’t they break?

They can, sure. But the annealing process used by Glass Dharma produces an extremely strong product, kind of like Pyrex®. Since I’m no expert,  you’re probably better off just clicking over to find a full explanation of how they make their durable glass straws. But with regular use, they will be strong and sturdy and you don’t have to fear breaking them. There’s even a hassle-free “Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage”! (Just don’t go testing them, because that may void your guarantee.)

Whether you’re drinking a monster green smoothie, fat bubble tea or a dainty cocktail, Glass Dharma has the right straw for you.

You can even purchase a little brush to clean them. I have one, and it’s really easy to keep my straws sparkling clean.

And see those little Decorative Dots? They do more than just look pretty. They help you remember which drink is yours, and they even have a secret power …can you guess what it is?


They keep your straw from rolling off the counter or table! Genius, right?

So for your mom, your BFF, your kids, your Secret Santa person at the office…anyone on your holiday gift list, really…pick up a few Glass Dharma straws! Everyone will be buzzing about your unique gift-giving skills, and you never know what other eco-friendly habits your gift might spark!

Buy it!

The entire line of Glass Dharma straws can be purchased through their website. Be sure to connect with them on Facebook to keep up with current news and to join the conversation.

Win it!

Enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Glass Dharma using the easy Rafflecopter form below. US only, 18 and over. Ends 12/10. No purchase necessary.


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