An Early Resolution: Back to the Classroom!

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So, I’m sitting here at midnight, trying to write some HTML code and get my gift guide set up, and I’m so frustrated with myself. I just can’t seem to get it right!

I used to be part of a team. A Creative Design Team within the Marketing Department of a large company. Each member of the team had his or her own talent and each of us played an integral part in getting each project done well. These days, it’s just me. I miss having my team’s input, their creativity, their varied skill set. But there’s no use sitting around feeling sorry for myself, right? It may not be January yet, but there’s no time like the present to make a new resolution.

I’ve decided I need to devote some time to learning. Just for me. I have always loved school. They practically had to drag me off campus when I graduated from college because I just couldn’t imagine being done! I don’t want to go back a strict schedule or having to cram for tests, but I do want to increase my knowledge and broaden my skill set so I can achieve more on my own and feel less frustrated by my own limitations. And luckily, it’s easier than every before to find classes to fit any schedule. Here are just a few ways to pick up a new skill.

Options for lifelong learning:

Online Classes and Tutorials – Sites like are an invaluable resource when you need to learn a specific skill. You pay a fee for a membership, then choose the tutorials you want to watch on your own schedule. Do it a little at a time, while the kids are in bed or on a quiet Sunday morning, all at the pace you choose.

Continuing Education Courses – Is there a college or university in your area? Maybe a tech school? Check out their Continuing Ed. curriculum. Some classes are probably for credit toward a degree, but most offer a multitude of other interesting classes on everything from foreign languages and cooking to sculpting and landscaping. Community colleges are especially hot spots for adult learning. Check with your local schools to see what they offer.

Volunteer – Sure, it’s a different way of learning, but volunteer work can help you learn all kinds of skills, with no tuition fees! Working with Habitat for Humanity can help you hone your home-building skills, and volunteering with United Way can land you in tons of different places. (I helped bust down walls in a food bank once, and landscaped throughout the city another time.)

I’m on the hunt for some technology and web-related classes, and I’d love an art class or two. Are you a lifelong learner? What kind of classes would you like to take?



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    I am a life long learner…I started learning Yoga. Attending classes and learning the true meaning of yoga. Being self taught in yoga…I am learning fast that what I thought was right was not. I am also attending a class on eating organic. Very interesting!

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