The Easiest Way to Kill Fruit Flies (without chemicals)

I can’t be the only one who gets bugged by pesky fruit flies, right? When you have lots of fruits and veggies around the kitchen, it kind of comes with the territory.

Well, it seems that these little guys like to party, because after countless attempts at killer concoctions, traps and such, we finally found a way to get rid of them for good with zero toxins or chemicals.

 photo KillFruitFlies.jpg

A simple dish of wine on the counter! Leave it there, and watch them flock in droves. And don’t worry about wasting money. Apparently, $3 bum wine works just as well as the more expensive stuff.

(Don’t ask me why I know that.)

Good to know that cheap stuff kills more than just your liver!

Happy hunting, folks. Say good-bye to those fruit flies!



  1. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love this. I usually have a problem with them when I bring in things from the garden or make a large produce purchase at the grocery store.

  2. Keara B. says

    Thank you! I wish I would have know this tip this past summer, but I’m sure I’ll need it again in the future. We’ve tried the sugar water with dish soap and it kind of worked…. but not great. Is it sad that I’m excited to try this??

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