Gourmet Coffee from your Keurig: Gevalia Cappuccino with a little homemade "flair"


Sometimes, we need a little prodding, even when it comes to gourmet coffee.

For nearly 20 years, I spent every day in a bakery, decorating elaborate cakes and creating indulgent treats for everyone else’s special occasion.

During that time, my own special treat was disappearing off into the back corner of a coffee shop with a latte and a dense book of poetry.

These days, I spend my days making things like bunny-shaped hard-boiled eggs and carrot-dyed Halloween pancake scenes for my 3-year-old while the baby climbs up my leg. (If you haven’t seen them, you’re busted for not following me on Instagram. I’m wendykate99.)

Needless to say, fancy coffee shop drinks are not a part of my every day. If I’m lucky, I grab a “drive-thru brew” treat for myself on the way to the grocery store once a week, but that’s not exactly “relaxing.”

And that’s why I owe the folks at Gevalia some thanks. They challenged me to dress up my coffee at home with their new Cafe-style K-Cups and whatever artistic flair I could muster up. And flair I did! Now, of course, most latte art is done by pouring the foam into the cup just so, creating fancy pictures and patterns. But the great part about new Gevalia gourmet K-cups is that you don’t have to have any mad barista skillz to brew them, so no pouring of foam was necessary.

 photo GevaliaCupofKaffeCappuccino.jpg

For my own personal latte art, I relied on the one thing that should be abundant in every warm mug: CINNAMON!

Since one of my other favorite things is coconut oil, I combined:

  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil, softened but not quite melted
  • about 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • just enough powdered sugar to reach a texture similar to icing.


I used a mortar and pestle to get the mixture completely smooth, then put it all into a piping bag with a thin writing tip and piped out some fancy little shapes on a plate lined with parchment paper. Some squiggles, a few zig zags…

 photo GevaliaCupofKaffeGourmetCoffee.jpg

…a flower or two. (And NO bunnies! This is mom time.)

 photo IMG_7651.jpg

Then, the whole thing went into the freezer to let my little pieces of art get cold so they would peel right off the parchment.

They firm up quickly, so by the time I had cleaned up and brewed my coffee, I was ready to decorate! I had gotten my Gevalia Cappuccino K-Cups at Walmart and while I was there I picked up some seriously decadent pumpkin pie syrup, so I drizzled that on first. Then, a spritz of whipped cream and a sprinkle of the cinnamon sugar sprinkles I get from our local farmer’s market.

And finally, a touch of handmade cinnamon-y, coconutty flair. You won’t find THAT kind of fancy in any coffeehouse around here!

 photo GevaliaCupofKaffe.jpg

I have a whole sheet of these goodies in my freezer, so I’ll be treating myself to fancy coffee quite a bit from now on. Maybe it will trickle into the other parts of my life. (One can hope, right?)

It only takes a few minutes for the whole masterpiece to melt down into a swirly cup of yum, but that’s a few more minutes than I normally take to indulge my coffee love, and I don’t even have to leave my house! It’s just one of those little wins that make every day a little easier and a little more special.

And fancy.

 photo IMG_7680.jpg

Thanks for the nudge, Gevalia. I owe you one.

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