BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper: Great for newborns and bigger babies, too!

Have you ever wondered whether it’s really possible for a cloth diaper to fit your newborn and then still fit as your baby grows?

The answer is YES!

Here’s the BabyKicks Premium Pocket diaper on my daughter at 2 weeks old (7.6 lbs) and now, at 8.5 months old (20 lbs).

Same diaper, same baby, still a great fit!

 photo BabyKicksPremiumPocket.jpg

And if you had any questions about whether they work on chunky legs, I think I’ve answered that one, too. 😉

Signature*Disclosure: I wrote this post as a BabyKicks Ambassador, which means that I am compensated with product samples from time to time. 



  1. Rebecca Parsons says

    Aww first of all what a beautiful baby and BabyKicks sound like a great brand. I have never heard of them before. My daughter is going to be using cloth diapers now I have another brand to tell her about.

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