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Keep baths soft and safe for bigger babies with @BloomingBath! {Giveaway Ends 11/10}


Did you catch my review of the Blooming Bath bath mat a few months ago when our baby girl was just a teeny bug? If so, you’ll know that we loved how it kept our baby safe and secure in the bathtub.

…and now that she’s 8 months old and 20 lbs, we’re STILL using it!

BloomingBathLogoAs cute as she was all nestled in the sink, I think she’s even cuter and more fun now, splashing and playing in the big tub! It’s still pretty new to her, though, so I can tell she gets uncomfortable in such a big open area. Luckily, we have the Blooming Bath to keep her feeling safe, warm and secure at bathtime.

 photo BloomingBathYellow.jpg

It’s also keeps her from slipping while she splashes and plays. She’s trying to pull up and stand everywhere – including the tub! – and that’s no good. It’s slip city! But not with her big fluffy flower. When I put her on it, she just sits right in the middle and stays put. Must be a super comfy place to park her little bum!

 photo BloomingBathMat.jpg

I initially wanted a Blooming Bath because I was terrified of my baby slipping in the sink, and I ended up loving it even more because it made bathtime easier with less crying, and bathing in the sink really saved my back. The fact that it’s naturally antimicrobial with no chemicals was a huge plus, too.  I never expected to use it for this long, but now I can’t imagine bathtime without it!

 photo BloomingBath.jpg

Buy It!

Blooming Bath Baby Bath  can be purchased at all 90+ BuyBuyBaby stores, Target.com and Amazon, as well as over 100 other boutique retailers across the country and Canada.

Win It!

Enter to win your own Blooming Bath using the easy Rafflecopter form below! Ends 11/10. No purchase necessary. US only, 18 and over.



*Disclosure: I received a media sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest based on my experience with the product. Your opinion may differ. This post contains as affiliate link.

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  1. This is amazing and soo gorgeous!! I have my 5th lil babe due in April, and DEFINATELY could use this!!!

  2. Stacey Martin says:

    What a great idea!

  3. Make sure you have everything you are going to need on hand before you start.

  4. It’s been so long since I had a baby that I don’t even remember any tips! Maybe be sure to use a good body wash since babies have super sensitive skin.
    Shell Feis recently posted..Halloween Hairstyle Ideas & Tutorials from Suave Kids!My Profile

  5. The more toys the better and always have a great temp

  6. My tip: you absolutely do not need to bath a baby every day. If you like doing it, go ahead, but once or twice a week is more than enough. It saves water, resources (energy to heat water, shampoo), your baby’s skin, and leaves time for other relaxing activities.
    Jen @ ThisCrunchyLife recently posted..Summer of Squash Wrap UpMy Profile

  7. Anne Perry says:

    Babies do not need to be overly washed. Make sure you are using chemical free and natural products. Just say no to baby powder…diaper cream and Johnson & Johnson.

  8. Make it the fun part of the evening routine, so they love it!

  9. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My tip is always have an extra diaper on hand. When I gave my daughter a bath and had her dried off she would instantly pee as I was putting her diaper on. One time it was 3 messy diapers in a row before she was done. I was almost in tears because I had to keep washing her down after a bath. Being a new mommy I was thinking wow is it always like this. Turns out it was just for the first few times of bathing but regardless I always have a couple extra diapers in the bathroom at bath time.

  10. my baby coming soon so no tips yet!

  11. sara swanson says:

    Get everything set up first before you get baby nakey.

  12. Rachel Henthorn says:

    Make sure you have everything you could need laid out before you start giving the baby a bath.

  13. Natasha Redding says:

    These things ae amazing, a friend had one.

  14. Stacey Weaver says:

    No tips yet as my baby is Due in December!! (so soon!!) but I loved reading others tips and can’t wait to give my baby baths in his blooming tub.

  15. sheri anderson says:

    My tip is to not have the bath water too warm as will cause baby’s skin to dry and yes, have plenty of fun toys and make sure you have all the supplies you need as you can’t leave baby alone even for a second!

  16. Sarah Brooks says:

    I want one of these badly… Unfortunately, on our list of must-haves, it’s a bit lower on the list since a safe car seat and crib come first. I would love to win this!

    My tip: Get everything ready beforehand so you can get baby quickly dried and dressed before they get cold!

  17. jen parkin says:

    I make sure I have everything, shampoo, soap, cloth, towel and a new diaper handy before we even start our baths

  18. valerie doyle says:

    a bath before bed helps my little one get in sleep mode!

  19. We let our little one pull the plug and stay in until the water is gone, this makes getting out just as much fun as getting in, because she takes some time to watch the water go down the drain and do sing which distracts her as we clean up all the toys!

  20. Don’t forget the camera! I love baby bathing shots :)
    Britni recently posted..HomeMy Profile

  21. Jessica Dreier says:

    I don’t have a fav tip, there are so many great ones!

  22. Make sure you are ready for when baby comes out of the tub! Have a towel handy and even a changing pad to lay baby down on to make drying and diapering that much quicker. There is nothing worse than taking baby out of the bath only for them to pee on themselves again and there’s only cold water in the tub!

  23. I’m a mama to be so no tips yet, but I’m reading all of these!

  24. bring an extra washcloth to bathtime. When they are newborns you can cover baby’s tummy to help keep warm and as they get older and hold things babies love to hold and chew one.
    Angela P recently posted..Oriental Trading Halloween Sale: So Many Deals Its Scary!My Profile

  25. My babe is 4 months and I love my Blooming Bath so much that I’ll try to win this for my friend who just had a baby boy on Friday.

  26. Rebecca Xavier says:

    Having a caddy case with all of the items that you need at bathtime helps.

  27. Jeorj York says:

    Always be sure you have everything ready before you get started. Also, we have this cute little octopus we got for $3 that checks the water temperature so we know the water will not be too hot!

  28. cassandra says:

    make sure you bring a cup to rinse! i always forget one and end up soaked trying to carry a wet soapy baby around while i find a cup

  29. Absolutley do NOT give baby a bath everyday! We learned that the hard way. I, myself, had a bad case of eczema when I was younger, but did not think that my son would get it too. During the summer he normally has a lot of baths or showers because he is always outside. During the winter, however, I try not to do so many baths because it dries his skin out so much! He gets really splotchy in places and tells me its itchy (he’s only 2). My daughter is due in January, so I will NOT be giving her a bath every day either!!

  30. Ericka Gray says:

    I would love to have this for my Preemie, so she can use it
    wen she gets bigger, a pink one would b great. Looks like a great product wish i had one for my son when he was that little!

  31. Lauren D. says:

    Let them play if they’re interested! Let them discover.

  32. Make sure the water doesn’t get too cold, or you’ll have a very unhappy baby! It also helps to have clothes and towels at the ready.

  33. katherine d says:

    Make sure the water temp isn’t too hot or cold

  34. I wish I had one of these when my girls were babies… what a great idea!

  35. Have a special hat visor to keep water out of babies eyes when washing hair!

  36. Keep a good grip on your baby:)

  37. cindy thomas says:

    Have dad available to take baby as soon as bathed.

  38. In the beginning I just kept it short and simple. Also, the first bath we gave him at home, he hated! I will definitely be keeping that in mind for the baby on the way. :)

  39. Would love to try this out!

  40. I don’t have any tips yet. My baby will be here in Jan.

  41. My best tip is to use as little soap as possible to keep baby’s skin from drying out

  42. Rebecca Orr says:

    My tip is to skip the cute hooded towels. Most don’t fit after the first 6 months. It is just as easy to wrap an extra large towel around the baby and use the excess portion to cover the baby’s head to dry his/her hair.

    Also, buy travel sizes of a few different brands of baby body wash and shampoo to try for the first few months. Not every baby has skin that responds well to the classic Johnson’s. This way, you don’t spend a lot of money on big bottles that you may only use once or twice.

  43. Elayna Spruill says:

    Get a floating thermometer to make sure water is at a comfortable temp!

  44. marissa lee says:

    make sure the water is the perfect temperature,have the towel lotion baby wash already in the bathroom..and also have the clothes in the bathroom so baby won’t be cold.

  45. christi jeffers says:

    No tips yet. I am due in May.

  46. Jessica Snow says:

    Probably the best tip is to make sure the water temperature isn’t too hot or cold.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  47. Mariaelena Dominguez says:

    I always try to keep the bathroom warm when I’m gonna shower my little one. I always wanted this!

  48. Don’t be afraid to get in the bath with them. Some of my favorite times were just sitting in a warm bath with my Baby boy.

  49. Heidi Daily says:

    Get everything you need for during and after the bath ready before starting the bath and wash their head last so it won’t be cold.

  50. My tip? Make sure you have everything within reach before you start. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had to walk through the house with a wet naked baby because I forgot a towel. :)

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