Kids' Clothing: Milestones and Memories with @Zutano


“Enjoy every minute! They grow fast!”

How many times did you hear this when you were expecting? I think I heard it every hour, on the hour, and it got really annoying. Because I got it. I knew the days would go by quickly, blah blah blah.

The joke was on me, apparently, because I had no idea the warp speed with which my children would grow and change. It’s mindblowing!

So I take a lot of photos. Too many, probably. And all those cute little outfits they wear get burned into my memory to the point where it kills me to part with them.

Well, not all of them. We’ve had lots of baby clothes that shrunk, or faded, or just weren’t all that interesting. But we’ve also had some that held up beautifully, with vibrant colors and unique prints and a great fit that made me reach for them every time they were clean.

Namely, our pieces from Zutano.

Like this pop of color that Elliette wore the home from the hospital.

 photo IMG_0958.jpg

Or the lovely blue Dizzy Daisy number she wore the first time she sat up on her own…

 photo IMG_3161.jpg

…and to meet TheBabyGuyNYC at MommyCon. The Leaky Boob even stopped to tell me she loved the print! (I think I might have actually said “eek!”)

 photo IMG_2614.jpg

Or the dress with the horsies on it that Ellie wore for her first train ride…

 photo IMG_2720.jpg

and with her very first pair of tights.

 photo IMG_6692.jpg

And the booties! Every day, the soft little booties that don’t fall off! (Since getting these, I’ve given them twice as a baby gift because they’re the best thing ever created in the history of kids’ clothes. For real.)

 photo IMG_6720.jpg

Not to mention her first “big girl” coat! (Sorry about the shoddy iPhone photo…)

 photo IMG_3090.jpg

So many of our milestones have been marked in Zutano, which makes me want to save everything! Sadly, she’ll be out of all these 12-month pieces soon, but they’re all still in such good shape that I feel like I should be passing them on to another little cutie pie. The take-home set we used is packed away in a memory box, but I’ve been hunting on Etsy for an artist who can make the other pieces we love into a blanket or a bear or something for Elliette to give her kids someday.  Zutano’s prints are so distinctive, like the pretty Mochi below, and now they spark such special memories – wouldn’t it be fabulous to make them into an heirloom of some kind? Even for me, maybe? Then I could snuggle with it when she’s just too big to be my cuddlebug anymore (which will be, like, tomorrow.)

 photo IMG_5635.jpg

Visit to find great deals on Zutano items, like our favorite Dizzy Daisy Cap Sleeve Bodysuit and Hat Set and the Doily Floral Henley Dress we have our eye on for fall.

What do you do with your kids’ clothes once they’ve outgrown them? Do you donate, sell, consign, or hold on to them forever? Are there any outfits you’re especially attached to?






  1. Marika from MysterySequels says

    They do grow fast don’t they…What a cutie! I think it’s very noble to pass the baby clothes onto others who need them, I thumb it up.

  2. says

    what a adorable baby… I just love baby clothes and all the great smells of baby magic. My child had hit 11 so none of his clothing smell nice anymore and they are usually well worn in once he cant wear them any more. The stuff that can be donate usually goes to my nephews.
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  3. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    What a cute baby in very cute clothes! I loved being able to pass on most of my children’s clothes to family and friends. I was happy knowing they were getting used since they last such a short time.

  4. says

    This reminds me of an old commerial that wished kids would stay little until their clothing wore out. Our children usually grow out of their clothes rather than wearing them out when they are small.

    • Wendy says

      I think I remember that! Osh Kosh, maybe? Either way, it’s a very true sentiment. Although my son, at 3yo, is definitely wearing his out these days! He’s still in a 2T, so those clothes have seen some use!

    • Wendy says

      My love for that coat didn’t hit me until I put it on her. At that moment, I saw her as a tiny little lady and realized I was in trouble! Now I want ALL THE GIRL THINGS! :)

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