Wordless Wednesday: Where are all the fairies?

I sounded like a broken record on Saturday, telling my husband over and over again that I needed to clean and work on Sunday.

Then the beautiful weather came, and I took one look at my kids and decided that we needed to spend the day outside under the sun.

So we took a ride on the Millersburg ferry!

My son loved the ride. He also made friends with a bunch of bikers while we waited by the river. The only time he looked a little down was when he asked me where all the fairies were. I guess he thought they’d be on the “fairy” boat. :)

 photo IMG_3379.jpg

 photo river.jpg

 photo IMG_3390.jpg

 photo IMG_3410.jpg

 photo IMG_3444.jpg

 photo IMG_3389.jpg

 photo IMG_3457.jpg




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