Coming Soon: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide @ABCGP

Holiday Gift Guide


October 1st. The first day of October. Not September anymore.

You know what that means, right? 

Everyone is going to start freaking out about the holidays. I would usually find that pretty annoying, but this year, now that I’m no longer working in corporate level retail (which burned me out on holiday cheer looooong before the holidays actually hit) I’ll be spending a lot more time trying to get in the spirit of things. Having two little ones seems to have ruined the Grinch in me!

So that means I’ll be sharing my favorite holiday gifts, introducing you to the companies that provide them, and telling you where to find them. You might even find exclusive discounts and giveaways along the way. 😉


As always, you’ll only see products that I would personally gift to my family and friends. If I don’t stand excitedly behind it 100%, it won’t appear here. And once we get rolling in a couple of weeks, I’ll put a handy button over there in the sidebar so you can access everything all in one place.

So stay tuned, folks…the holiday fun is just beginning! (Oh, and if you think your product is a good fit, please contact me via email, Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to meet you!)




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