Easy Upcycled Halloween Craft: Spiderweb Wall Hanging

Sheesh…where did all these holidays come from?! I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to celebrate them all with my kids, making cute crafts and fun treats…but who has time?!

Definitely no time here. But for the kids’ sake, I have to make some.

So today I’m sharing this 100% easy upcycled Halloween craft that even uses up some things you might already have in your crafty bag of tricks.

 photo UpcycledHalloweenCraft.jpg

I found the idea when I was walking through Joann Fabric and happened upon their Halloween craft project display. They always have these free tear sheets with cute ideas and instructions on them, and this particular one caught my eye because it called for a doily and I definitely have those. A whole box from my mom. But I’m not really the type to decorate my tables or armchairs with such grandmotherly goodness, so they spend a lot of time hidden away.

 photo 9c1b6619-989f-4d27-b772-cc8f7e2c2ead.jpg

I loved the thought of putting one to use in a fun project, and all I needed to buy was an embroidery hoop, some ribbon, and a little spider friend.

Total supplies needed for the project include: a doily or piece of lace, embroidery hoop (whatever size you need to fit your doily), hot glue gun, glue sticks, black acrylic paint, a fat spider and some ribbon. Other embellishments are entirely up to you.

I chose a pretty sparkly ribbon in orange and black. The edges reminded me a bit of a furry spider.

 photo IMG_6963.jpg

First step is to paint the hoop, inside and out, and let dry. I did 2 coats.

 photo IMG_6967.jpg

Then, stretch the doily or lace to fit the hoop’s inner ring, and secure it with the outer ring. Trim the extra pieces, or do like I did and just hot glue them tightly into place.

 photo IMG_6977.jpg

The stores are full of spidery things this time of year, and I found this great glittery one with a clip so I could just attach him right to the doily. If you don’t find one with a clip, just affix it with a dot of glue.

 photo IMG_6970.jpg

Isn’t it funny how the one that lives in my mailbox scares the bajeebees out of me, but this one gets to live in my house? Glitter will get you everywhere, I guess.

 photo IMG_6991.jpg

All that’s left is to tie a length of ribbon to your hoop and find a place to hang it! I’m still fiddling with mine because I’m not sure if I like the bow on the top or bottom.

 photo IMG_7008.jpg

See…super easy, right? Other than waiting for the paint to dry, this cute little craft doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

 photo IMG_6972.jpg

 Thanks, Joann…and Happy Halloween!




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