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As you know, my family purchased our dream property about 2 years ago. We had plans on planting, growing and eventually truly farming our land, so our 6-acre lot really is perfect for us.

The house, on the other hand…well, it needs some work.

At the moment, one bathroom is stripped down to the wall studs, the other has black and green carpet ON THE WALLS and the kids are sharing a tiny room until we can remodel our entire attic. And that’s just the beginning…

This house is a project, to say the least.

And that’s why my interest was piqued when I heard about

What’s Porch? Well, here’s what the folks behind the site have to say:

Until now, there has been no free and social site to improve your home. On Porch, you can explore 90 million home projects including photos and costs and search 1.5 million local professionals to get inspired, educated and complete work on your home. For free.

 photo tmpPorchImprovementProProfile.jpg

Porch today announced the national launch of the first home improvement network, free for neighbors, friends, and professionals to use. This is the first step for Porch in organizing the world’s home information to make home improvement easy, connected, and delightful. This follows Porch’s announcement of a $6.25 million seed round and beta release in June 2013. Pre- launch, more than 100,000 people in limited regions have visited Porch to find professionals.

 photo tmpPorchMaintenancePro.jpg

Today, neighbors and friends can use Porch to improve their home by exploring neighbors’ projects, seeing what they spent, and the professionals they used and loved. Porch protects the anonymity of homeowners and renters by not revealing address information or precise locations of neighbors’ homes on its map.

 photo tmpPorchHomeImprovementMap.png

“Until now, a roof repair, kitchen remodel, or backyard landscaping project has been frustrating and painful because there is no single source to evaluate projects, understand costs, and find professionals based on trusted word of mouth recommendations,” said Matt Ehrlichman, Porch Chairman and CEO. “Porch is changing this by organizing home project information and providing transparency for everyone across the country to know which professionals have done specific types of projects, at precise costs, for neighbors and similar homes. This is just the start for Porch — we are committed to adding tools and information to make it easy for everyone to improve and maintain their homes based on their priorities.” 

Porch is the first and only home improvement network that connects homeowners and renters with the right professionals based on who neighbors have used, project and cost history, and friend and neighbors’ endorsements. Porch is free and always will be. In addition, Porch helps home professionals get more business, better exposure, and higher revenue with free business profiles and paid Marketing & Analytics tools. Porch is headquartered in Seattle and has a technology office in San Diego, California. It is available in every neighborhood across America.

Porch is for the homeowner and renter. Porch is also for the professional. Sounds to me like Porch is for everyone. 

 photo tmpPorchViewProjectCarousel.png

I take this to mean that when we have a project (which is always), we can browse Porch and see similar projects completed by people in our area, find out how much they cost, and get information on the designers and contractors they used (and see their endorsements!) This is something we really, really need…and I can’t wait to check it out! (Like, today!)

I’ve got to get that carpet off my walls. For real. 

Does Porch sound like something you need? Since it just launched today, I don’t know a lot about Porch, but I know I want to check it out. I also know that I want the $50 gift card they are offering to everyone who registers today! At launch, anyone who signs up to with a free account will get:

 $50 off your next home project purchase from Hayneedle

to start their home improvement projects!


(All redemption information will be sent directly to those who sign up on

To keep up with what’s new at, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter and follow #porchview.

Happy home improvement!




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