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After watching my daughter go through countless baby items that either: 1. Don’t get used, or 2. Only get used for a month until she outgrows them, I’m ready to shout from the rooftops when I find something that can last and be loved throughout the entire birth–toddler period.

Brace yourself: I’m about to start SHOUTING!

We’ve discovered the TinyLove Magical Night 3-in-1 Mobile! It’s kind of hard to beat our TinyLove Gymini (which we still use every day), but this new mobile comes really, really close.

Magical Night Mobile

The Magical Night starts out as a mobile, then turns into a projector, then turns into a nightlight lamp. It goes through your child’s first years along with them, changing to fit their developmental needs.

First, it’s an easy-to-attach spinning mobile that features 3 categories of soothing music (9 songs total) with a projector that shines images on the inside of the canopy. Volume and mute buttons make it easy to control the mood at bedtime, if you wish. You can hear the music in this short video (the second song played here is the ones that gets me every time. I’m such a softie when it comes to my babies.)

Then, when your baby is advanced enough to start pulling up in the crib, it becomes a tabletop projector and those same images project right onto the ceiling. Your baby will love watching them move and change while the music plays. This keeps Little E occupied for nearly 30 minutes!

Finally, when your baby is older, you can put the canopy back on to make a nightlight table lamp, and let them fall asleep to an indoor starry sky.

My fave features are how easy it is to attach to the crib, the friendly animal faces that TinyLove is famous for, and the easy-to-push buttons that let bigger kids choose their own music.

 photo TinyLoveFeatures.jpg

I’m heading to a shower this weekend, and we’ll be giving this as a gift because it’s really like giving 3 gifts in one! I just can’t stand the thought of buying expensive items that will be outgrown in a few short months. Plus, with the friendly animal faces that TinyLove is famous for, and the relaxing lullabies and nature songs, this is a gift that parents will love, too. (We have to listen to it, too, right?)

And I have to mention that TinyLove has fantastic customer service and really stands behind their products, too. We had an issue with the music player on our Gymini (it started skipping) and because we had gotten it within the past 6 months, they issued us a free replacement part (shipped free!) and were super friendly and courteous about it. I was thrilled that we could continue to use our Gymini and there was no headache whatsoever. Anyone who makes my life easier these days is a friend of mine, so I’m going to just consider TinyLove my new BFF.


The Tiny Love Magical Night Musical Mobile is available on Be sure to follow TinyLove on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on current news and promotions. 


TinyLove wants to help make your baby’s bedtime a little more magical, too! One lucky winner will receive their own Magical Night 3-in-1 Mobile! Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below.

Contest ends 10/5. US only, 18 or over.


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  1. Heidi Daily says

    We make sure to follow the same bedtime routine every night, which always includes reading books before lights out. When my daughter was a baby her favorites were Goodnight Moon, Good Night Gorilla, The Going To Bed Book, Pajama Time, and 10 Minutes to Bedtime.

  2. Jill Myrick says

    When my children are small I always sing to them as i rock them to sleep. When they get older we make up a bedtime story and each night we add to that story which can go on for years.
    To me it helps them to develop a healthy imagination.


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