#Green Cleaning Tip: When life gives you lemons, scrub your sink!

Alright, make lemonade first to satisfy your inner optimist, if you must.

But before you toss that squeezed lemon into the compost, dip it in some baking soda and scrub your sink! It’s the greenest way to get a really good sparkle, and if you put it down the garbage disposal, it’ll freshen that, too!

Scrub your sink with a lemon!

If you’re like me and bathe your babies in the sink, there’s always the chance that the residue from cleaners will make its way into their bath water, and we don’t want that! With this eco-friendly tip, all you might have to worry about is a little pucker now and then. 😉

(Tip within a tip: For big jobs, use a grapefruit!)

What’s your favorite eco-friendly home cleaning tip?





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    Lol I like your sense of humor. Your post is so fresh and cool. Thanks for being awesome and sharing it with us. I think cleaning the sink can be sometimes daunting. I recommend cleaning it often to avoid complications :)

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