Sorry, iPhone. It's time for a #TechTimeout!


Sometimes I wonder if I’m being watched. Right around the time that I was getting really overwhelmed with this whole home business thing and all the time involved, I opened an email from Mom Bloggers Club challenging me to a “Tech Timeout.”


The Tech Timeout™ challenge started by Foresters™ encourages families to take a daily break from technology. Participating families are encouraged to disconnect from all things electronic with the goal of helping spouses, parents and children build stronger bonds, communicate more personally and get more involved in each other’s lives.

I looked down from my computer and saw this:

Elliefoot photo IMG_6292.jpg

I took it as a sign and said yes. So, this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I set aside one full hour to devote to something meaningful, something fun, something that included the little boy whose behavior has been mirroring my madness lately.

Here’s the pledge we signed, just in case you’d like to use it, too:

 photo TechTimeoutPledgeForm.jpg

Our Friday nights are usually pretty hectic since we like to go out and do a little shopping, get some “Friday Night” food, and pretend we still know how to have fun like 20-somethings. But last Friday night we sent Daddy out for pizza and my little man and I stayed home and read together. He’s only just getting to the point where he sits long enough to read a whole book, so I’m excited to finally read him some of my favorites. Didn’t happen this time, though. He insisted on Walter the Farting Dog.

Yeah. I know.

But it’s a book, and it’s non-techy, so I’ll take it.

On Saturday, we drove out to a friend’s farm to get some fresh organic tomatillos for canning. We definitely got more than our Tech Timeout in that day, since it was a 45-minute drive and we stayed for at least an hour so our little guy could play with their daughter. Our farmer friend pulled our tomatillos right off the plant for us while the kids fed the chickens, petted the horses and hid in the treehouse playing Princess and Servant (the girl’s got pull, I tell ya.) They also screamed in anguish as we told them it was time to leave (my son wailed her name out the window all the way down the road. “But I looooove her!”) I took that to mean it was a Tech Timeout well spent.

Naturally, our Timeout on Sunday was spent in the kitchen! We sat outside and peeled the papery skins off of our tomatillos one by one, then chopped and simmered our way to 5 pints of salsa verde yumminess. I wasn’t sure he’d eat it, but letting kids grow, pick and prepare their own food really seems to work. I put some over quinoa and he ate it up!

So, was the Tech Timeout beneficial? Absolutely! I discovered that I don’t like kids’ books about dog farts and my son discovered he likes green salsa! But seriously, this is something I already knew I needed. I just also needed a kick in the pants to make it happen. Seeing the pride in his face as he filled his own bowl up with veggies – as well as the blush in his cheeks as he ran around on the farm, completely unaware of things like clocks and iPhones and deadlines and such – reminded me that even though my new business venture is important to the well-being of our family, being available is, too.

Tomorrow, we hit the soccer field. Many thanks to Mom Bloggers Club and the folks at Tech Timeout™… I owe you one.

So, do you think you’re up to the challenge? Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Learn more about this initiative for healthier family relationships at



*I was compensated for writing this post as part of Mom Bloggers Club Tech Timeout campaign.


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