A Father/Son "Plane Date" with Disney Planes #Cbias #WorldofCars


When I first saw the preview for Disney Planes the movie, there was no doubt in my mind that it would be a hit. My son loves just about everything from Disney Pixar Films (especially Cars the movie), and honestly, I love them too! I’d probably watch them all even if I didn’t have kids.

But I decided to skip this one and let my boys have their own “Plane Date” at the movies. Why? Well, since I’ve been home with the kids, it seems that Daddy just doesn’t get that much QT anymore. Our days are so busy that father/son time has been pretty hard to come by, and I can see little indications here and there that they really need it. And since we live near a small airport and see light aircraft often, planes are kind of their “thing.” So, I sent them off on their own to have some high-flying fun.

And high-flying was right! When my son came back, he was definitely flying and all he could talk about was Dusty Crophopper. And for weeks before the movie he had been asking for a remote control plane (I have no idea why.) So, I did a little looking and found that Disney Planes’ Dusty did, in fact, come in a remote control toy…and it was available in the Disney Walmart section!

 photo WorldofCarsshop.jpg

…and we were off!

I had been in a different local store recently and noticed that the Disney Planes display was pretty wiped out, so I was a little nervous. I didn’t tell my boy what we were looking for, but he still chattered about remote controls the whole way there. You can see more about our shopping trip to Walmart here, but luckily (spoiler alert!) we did find our Wing Control Dusty Crophopper! And we got a die-cast El Chupacabra for Daddy, too.

 photo IMG_6204.jpg

The radio control aspect of our new Dusty is great for a 4-year-old because it doesn’t actually fly in the air (which could be bad for such a little guy.) He stays on the ground, and your child gets handheld flight controllers that control Dusty. Your child banks right, so does Dusty. Then left? Dusty goes left too. It’s super cute to watch (and pretty funny to hear Dane Cook’s voice speaking so many of the 40+ preprogrammed phrases and sounds.)

Dusty doesn’t run in the grass, but outside is where the real planes are and my boys love to go plane-spotting, so I sent them out to play. No gardening, no yardwork, just play. And play they did!

 photo IMG_6266.jpg

Those boys flew and played Planes until they just couldn’t fly anymore, and then they found a spot in the grass to lay and watch for the planes to fly overhead. Dusty and El Chupa were there, too, of course.

 photo DisneyPlanesshop.jpg

It did my heart such good to peek out the window and see them get a little bonding time. They both love airplanes, and our whole family loves Disney Pixar Films, so this was the perfect combination of both. I’m just so glad we got our hands on a Wing Control Dusty Crophopper before they were gone. With the holidays coming, it might have been a close call!

 photo IMG_6277.jpg

There’s a plane show coming up soon at our little local airport, so that’s going to be the next scheduled “Plane Date.” Baby Girl and I will stay home and let the boys have their time, which has already done them some good. (Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can see behavior changes in a preschooler with just a tiny bit of effort?) But I’ll be there in spirit because I’m planning to surprise my guys with a Disney Planes-inspired bento lunch!

Airplane Cookie Cutter photo Screenshot2013-09-08at105933PM.png

I’ve already ordered my Airplane Cookie Cutter and can’t wait to surprise them with airplane sammies! I’m also going to send along a bright red Planes punch made with some of the cherries I had put up during the summer. It does my heart good to have a family-friendly movie night with Disney Pixar, but it makes me even happier when it inspires quality family time that goes way beyond the screen!

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