From Knocked Up to Knock Out with Erica Ziel's After Baby Workout


My kids really are my motivation for everything these days…they’re the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I smile, the reason I work so hard every day at establishing a new business.

They’re also the reason I have a flabby belly AND the reason I CAN’T GET ANYTHING DONE!

OK, sorry…#endrant. But seriously, It’s flippin’ hard to even brush my hair these days, and you want me to exercise? Ok, I know…YOU don’t care if I exercise. It’s ME that wants me to exercise.  But this is real life with real kids that don’t just go away when I want to go for a run…so there are some days, when I don’t have any help, that I just have to bag it and skip the workout.

Until now! Erica Ziel, I owe you one, lady. First you bring us the effective and encouraging prenatal Knocked Up Fitness DVDs, and now there’s a postpartum set, too! Woohoo! I liked the first ones, so I knew I’d like these, too.

Postpartum Fitness DVDs

The set I was sent to review comes with 2 DVDs (a total of 10 individual workouts) and a workout booklet that shows you how to mix and match the different workouts to achieve the results you want based on your fitness level. You’ll do everything from abdominal exercises to rebuild your core strength to kegels! Cardio intervals, arm sculpting, pilates – you name it, Erica’s got it covered. And she’s fun to watch, too! I really like her demeanor, which is very important when you need to watch her for hours…

Knocked Up Fitness

So now, on those days when I can’t sneak out for a run, I change things up with a pilates-based workout at home…WITH the kids! What I’m finding out now is that my son really likes to exercise along with me. He dances around and gets a bit rowdy, but it’s physical activity, and the whole time he’s seeing his mommy be active, too. I love that. Knowing that he’s watching is enough to help me push through anything that gets tough, and exercise is no exception.


These are no easy workouts, either. They feel gentle enough, but I can always tell the next day that I’ve used muscles that have been neglected. That just goes to show that I really should be mixing things up more. Running is great, but Erica’s After Baby workouts will help me to achieve a more well-rounded workout routine, which will lead to better overall fitness and fewer injuries.

So, I’m relying on Erica’s After Baby Workout to take me from knocked-up to knock out. (When does that “just had a baby” thing end, anyway? Can I still say that?)

Erica Ziel’s After Baby Workout DVD Set is available on for $37.99 with free shipping.

Are there days that you just can’t get a workout in, even though you really want to? What’s your solution?



  1. michelle says

    I am currently expecting baby #3, and I am already thinking about getting back in shape after baby arrives.

    I love that I can break up my workout and fit it in to my life with 3 littles!

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