A Sweet Spree at @Gymboree!

babyphotoOur budget has really been under the microscope lately, but luckily, Gymboree is still our favorite place to shop for affordable children’s clothes. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I loved their summer collections, and I was starting to get really itchy waiting for the new fall fashions for kids to come out. But don’t worry…I’m OK now. (Phew!) I took the kids out last week and got them all suited up for the season!

And I have to say, this trip to Gymboree was our sweetest yet!

What was so sweet about it? Well, first and foremost, I finally figured out how to shop with both kids and still get everything I need. I sat down the night before and figured out everything I wanted at Gymboree.com. I put it all into my shopping cart, printed it out, and took the list with me to the store the next day. That way, if I couldn’t find anything or if the kids started getting a little antsy, I could just show the associate exactly what I needed. I also knew how much I would be spending (although there may be a few prices that vary, so be sure to ask!)

There were a few items out of stock in my son’s size, so the associate helping us offered to order them and have them shipped to our home…for FREE! Who knew Gymboree did that? That’s a super SWEET plus in my book, and yet another reason to keep shopping at our favorite kids’ store.

Another sweet part of our trip was my son’s face when he saw the Camp Yosemite collection. He’s just barely fitting into the bigger boys’ sizes, but I let him choose some things because he was so into the idea of camping-themed clothes. Ever since I did my post on Strawberry S’mores for Father’s Day, he’s a little bit obsessed with the idea of a marshmallow on a stick. So when we saw the s’mores long-sleeved tee from Gymboree, he had to have it! And when I saw the big plush hoodie and red sneaks, I knew he had to have them, too!

S’mores on a shirt? Sweet!


Comfy layers and matching pieces make things so much easier for me, especially now that he wants to pick out his own clothes every day!


Can you tell he was feeling the Gymboree love? (What a ham!)


Carpenter jeans and laceless red retro sneakers…


I barely got any photos where he wasn’t trying to zip or unzip the hoodie.

Gymboree Camp Yosemite Collection

OK, now I’m getting a little sentimental. My sweet baby isn’t a baby anymore! (sniff, sniff)


Aaaaand, the look that says, “Mom, I’m done with pictures.” (You’ve seen that look, right?)

Gymboree Hoodie

Did I mention that little Baby E was with us, too? She slept in her carrier the whole time, but she still got a new fall wardrobe. It’s so much fun now that I can do more than just browse in the newborn girls’ section! We decided to go with the Sweetie Birds collection for her (one size up, since cool weather is not quite here yet), since the colors complement her blue eyes and the birdies are just so….well, SWEET! I heart birdies!

And speaking of sweet, check out the sibling love. :)

Gymboree Back to School

I wonder if they’ll always get along so sweetly? Haha…no I don’t. I know the answer to that.


The embroidered Sweetie Bird 2-piece set is so soft, and I love the lap shoulders because they fit easily over her head. As usual, we got the matching Dot Bow Fruffle. The ones at Gymboree are always comfy and don’t dent her head like some others we’ve had.


And who can resist the matching socks! So sweet on little feet!


Here’s our whole fall haul – there isn’t a single thing I don’t love! And my son is so proud of his camping duds that he can’t wait to go hang out in the new campsite Daddy built for him on the back end of our property. :)

Gymboree Late Summer 2013

I still plan to get a few more pieces from each collection so we have lots of easy outfits to mix and match, but that won’t be a problem because the sweetest part of all is that we left with $75 in Gymbucks to redeem in late September AND I qualified for a $5 Gymboree Rewards certificate!

Now that’s what I call a sweet deal!

Like what you see? Enter to win a Gymboree gift card during the Back to School Bash 2 (Ends 8/17.) Leave a comment on this post for an extra entry on the Rafflecopter form! Enter here.

Sign up for Gymboree Rewards at your local Gymboree store or visit Gymboree.com.


 *Disclosure: I received a gift certificate from Gymboree which I used to purchase a portion of the clothing reviewed above. 







  1. Jutta P says

    These are great photos of your kids! I love the Camp Yosemite line. It has soooo many cute things! I find it hard to find cute boy stuff that isn’t sports or animal related and this totally fits the bill!

  2. Becki Kuntz says

    Your son and daughter just look so adorable! I love the camp out theme and know my little guy would too!

  3. Denise N. says

    Love the “I Want S’more!” shirt, don’t have any boys, but I would love to get it for my nephew, it’s just too cute. My girls love Gymboree clothes because they look fun and are super comfy and I love the quality. Thanks for reviewing.

  4. Stephanie Phelps says

    Oh my goodness your kids are so beautiful and so are those clothes. I love Gymboree! I love the Flying Fancy collection

  5. Kara says

    My favorite CURRENT piece is from the Apin’ Around is the double sleeve ape with camera tee. BUT there are new lines coming out next week and I’m dying to get my hands on a ton of it. I worked for the company for about 5 years and love the quality. All of my son’s clothes from 3 years ago are in almost pristine condition for #2 due in November.

  6. Jean says

    I love your plan-ahead strategy for shopping with the kids! I wish I’d thought of that, because it can get hectic when the kids decide they are DONE with clothes shopping.

  7. Christina says

    Of coarse I love how cute the stuff is at Gymboree, but I really LOVE how well everything holds up! It all washes well too, we have a few things from my oldest daughter that I have put away for the baby and while you can tell its not brand new, everything is still in great shape and the colors are still bright. I also love they have so many pieces in each line.

  8. Carolyn K says

    I love Gymboree’s fun bright colors, especially in the newborn unisex stuff. I get tired of always seeing pale yellow and green!

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