Buying in bulk? Consider a kitchen scale from @MiraBrands

babyphotoI always thought kitchen scales were restrictive…a sign of dieting and over-obsession about portion sizes. When MIRA Brands contacted me about a review, I wasn’t sure I’d really use their new kitchen scale, nor did I think I had room for it. But then, I thought about how much cooking from scratch I’m doing these days (including baking, which always benefits from accurate measuring) and I thought, “Why not? Maybe I’ll be glad I did.” And sure enough, I am!


First, some business….the details:

  • Easy-to-use digital kitchen scale from MIRA Brands. With a 11 lb capacity, an easily readable large display with blue backlight, tare function and a large mixing bowl, it is easy to prepare food with precision.
  • Equipped with 4 high precision sensors to give you an accurate reading every time.
  • With the ST95 you will get a 24.5cm diameter stainless steel mixing bowl to help you weigh loose ingredients, or anything that might fall off a plate.
  • There’s a tare function, so you can also use a plate or something similar and weigh whatever you desire.
  • Capacity: 5kg/11lb. Weight units: g/fl.oz/lb:oz/ml. Graduation: 1g/0.1fl.oz/0.1oz/1ml

My weigh-in? Now that I’ve got a kitchen scale, I’m kind of wondering what I ever did without it. Gone are the days of single-use items on my counter (think Quesadilla maker) – now I need tools like this that I’ll use every day. I’m using it to portion out smoothie fruit pouches for the freezer, as well as for all the bulk ingredients we buy at the local Amish store. I even made large cookies for daycare, and being able to weigh them helped me end up with uniform sizes (a must for little kids who WILL notice if someone else’s cookie is bigger!)

But best of all,  with an 11lb capacity, I can easily portion out meat for our chest freezer. We’re buying grass-fed beef in bulk from a local farm now, and it will be especially helpful for our next purchase because large orders don’t come pre-portioned in one-pound packs. Being able to weigh it out myself will save us even more money in the long run and ensure I get the right number of meals out of our purchase. Budget win!

A big surprise was how compact the scale is. The bowl stacks right in with my others, and the base is slim enough to slip right into a small drawer or cabinet. It’s easy to clean, too, with a smooth surface that wipes off easily. Who knew? I guess I did need a kitchen scale!

(Affiliate link:) The MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Bowl (ST95) Food Scale Baking Scale
is available at, along with their entire line of digital kitchen scales and eco-friendly stainless steel storage containers.



  1. Jutta P says

    I don’t know, I’m afraid of extra stuff too. BUT, I love the idea of using it to measure out bulk ingredients!
    P.S. Where is your Amish store?! I’m very jealous, I have to go to a large grocery store for bulk.

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