Doc McStuffins Debuts in the Disney Junior Appisode App


When I was a new mom, I worried about things like television and technology. I wondered: How much do I allow? Will my kid become an obsessed couch potato? Now I know better. My son has so much energy, he barely ever even sits on that couch, and he’ll choose the great outdoors over TV every single time. But there are times, like when I’m running boring errands or waiting in the doctor’s office, that I need a little help keeping him occupied.

My secret weapon? My iPhone. 

So, at last weekend’s long, hot, boring yard sale, I knew I needed a little backup. And luckily, I had it! When the meltdown started, I turned to the two brand new interactive episodes of Disney Junior’s popular series “Doc McStuffins”, now available on the Disney Junior Appisode app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for $4.99.


To get the Appisodes, I first had to download the Disney Junior Appisode app. The download is free and it comes with the original “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally” Appisode. Then, each additional Appisode is $4.99 each. That’s higher than I would normally ever pay for an app, but these really do function more like games. My son has been watching Disney Junior shows on my phone for ages, but these Appisodes offer him the chance to really interact with the characters and situations in the show. It keeps him interested, entertained, and engaged. (And it keeps me sane, at least until I finish whatever it is I have to do.)

New  Doc McStuffins Appisodes

In “Rescue Ronda, Ready For Takeoff,” Doc must diagnose and extract a twig from a toy helicopter’s propellers. Key features that allow kids to fully engage with the episode include tilting the phone or tablet to fly Rescue Rhonda, touching and dragging Doc’s tools from her medical bag and using her tweezers to help remove the twig.

Kids get a bird's eye view while steering Rhonda.

Kids get a bird’s eye view while steering Rhonda.

The second episode, “A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns,” finds another of Doc’s toy friends in a thorny situation. When blow-up toy Boppy springs a leak, Doc and her pals bandage him up and show him how to avoid it happening again. Kids play along by tapping the screen to help Doc’s toys “go stuffed”, guiding a bandage to cover Boppy’s boo boo, and more!

Tap the screen to make the toys "Go stuffed!"

Tap the screen to make the toys “Go stuffed!”

My son has a blast with these Appisodes, and it’s easy to see why. I watched them with him, and we actually took turns touching, tilting, swiping, and tapping to make the magic in the app happen. I wanted to do it, too! In fact, we had so much fun with Doc that we downloaded the Jake Appisode, too!


I’m just so impressed with the quality of this app. With the bright bold colors and crisp, detailed scenes, it rivals some of the game systems I’ve seen.


And the interactive portions of the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Appisode didn’t disappoint, either. Throughout the story, there were opportunities for my boy to get involved, which held his interest…and helped me get through my yard sale with minimal meltdowns. (I just hope we can manage to keep them for a while, as they do take up a lot of space on the phone. My only complaint!)


Tilt your device to steer Captain Hook down the slide. (Don’t forget to watch for gold doubloons while you’re at it!)

So, Disney Junior does it again. A few minutes of fun with the iPhone, and I get my to-do list to-done! Happy kid, happy mom. #win

How about you? Do you put apps on your phone for the kids? What is your favorite app?


*Disclosure: While I was not compensated for writing this post, I did receive the apps mentioned at no cost to facilitate my review. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review, and all opinions are my own and honest based on my experience with the apps mentioned. Your experience may differ. 



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