The one thing we're not selling at the yard sale.


Oh, if you could only see my house right now. It’s babytown from one end to the other. I spent most of the day in our two garages, weeding through stuff for our community yard sale this Friday. I kept at it like a hurricane, not stopping long enough to really let it hit me: We’re getting rid of our baby gear!

Not all of it. But Miss E is almost 6 months old, so there are a lot of things we don’t need anymore. Seats that she can almost flip out of, swings that barely hold her, sleepy little nests that make her fussy because she can’t move around. So I decided that it’s time to declutter this joint. And as sad as I’ll be to see those things go, it’s all good…because Tiny Love sent me their 3-in-1 Rocker Napper (in the new Flow design!) to check out, and it takes the place of almost every piece of baby gear we were using.

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 10.49.33 PM

No, really. I’m not exaggerating. Most of our other baby gear was great and we were happy with it, but if I had known that the Rocker Napper could function as a seat, a soothing vibrating chair, and a bed/bassinet kind of thing, I just might have skipped all that other stuff. It would have been the perfect thing for her to sleep in next to our bed in those early months! But I’m so glad to have it now since I know she won’t be outgrowing it any time soon. It’s recommended for kids up to 40 lbs! (I’m not sure I’d go quite that high, but she’s 16 lbs now so we’re good.)

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 11.26.10 PM

I’m not a fan of complicated baby gear. If there’s one thing that makes me glaze over and go get a cookie, it’s a contraption overrun with straps, buckles, and other weird over-adjustable features. Not this one. I put it together in about 30 minutes with the help of my little ones, and the functions are totally intuitive. I didn’t even have to look at the instructions to figure out how to switch positions, and for me that’s a huge plus. If I have to dive into the  manual, the offending product usually has to sit for another week.



So, the name: “3-in-1” Rocker Napper. It means that the seat offers 3 different positions. All you have to do is reach underneath the seat, pull the simple handle, and shift the level of recline. There’s flat (for sleeping), the slightly-upright middle position that helps with reflux, and the more upright seated position, for play or feeding.


You can decide if you want it to rock or not just by adjusting the bottom. I’m not sure what this piece is called, maybe the “kickstand”?


The baby-activated electronic toy on top is a lot like the one on our Gymini mat, but it’s not the same. I was glad to see that, since I was concerned that might be boring for baby if they were alike.


Each time it lights up and the 9 different songs play, Baby Girl kicks her feet and gets super excited. So much, in fact, that I really have to remember to buckle her in. She’s getting strong! And she can’t seem to get enough of the “donut” (or “wheel”, as my husband tells me.)

I think I find her as fascinating as she finds the toys…


But then I turn on the vibration in the seat and the soothing lullaby music, and she’s usually out like a light in no time. The best part of all, in my opinion, is that I don’t have to move her once she’s out. There’s an easy switch from sit to sleep! I just recline the seat to the flat position and she’s comfy for her nap. ellietinylove

There’s room to shift around, but it’s close enough that she feels cozy and secure.


What would I change?

Overall, this is my favorite product that we’re using now (other than our Gymini, of course!) because it does what it’s meant to do, and it fits all of our needs for Little E. My only complaint is that I do need 2 hands to recline the seat, so it’s a little hard to lay her down in it when she’s asleep in my arms if it’s not already in the lowest position.

Oh, and it would be great if it folded up for storage, but it doesn’t. (But we use ours too much to ever put it away.)


So hear this, prego friends…and there are a lot of you! Get this. Or put it on your registry and I’ll get it for your shower. Either way, you need to have a 3-in-1 Rocker Napper to put that precious bundle in when you get home. 

To learn more about the features of the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper and see how it fits your baby’s different developmental stages, visit TinyLove’s website. There’s a lot to learn there! You can also connect with them on Facebook  and Twitter.



*Disclosure: I received the product mentioned at no cost to facilitate this review. As always, my opinions are my own and honest based on my personal experience with the product. Your opinions may differ.



    • Wendy says

      I think this is a perfect baby gift, Alison, especially for first time parents! I’ll be getting one for my friend who is expecting!

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