Turn Your SmartPhone into a Baby Monitor with the @Motorola BLINK1

*I received a media sample from Motorola to facilitate this review. 

I have some pretty major news: I’ve accomplished the impossible.

With the help of the new Motorola Blink1 smartphone baby monitor, I’ve finally managed to be in two places at once! It’s every mom’s dream!

When my husband planted our garden, he planned it so that the kids would always be able to see it from their bedroom window. It’s nice that they can look out and see the veggies growing, but that view only goes one way. When we’re outside, we can’t see in. And since I left my job and we’re relying on that garden to fill our freezer, it’s pretty important that I’m out there as much as possible. Naptime is the ideal time to head out and get some of the heavier work done, but how do I do that when I don’t know if my little lady is inside crying for me?

For a while, I put my garden work on hold during those afternoon nap hours. And then, along came my Motorola Blink1!

It’s cute, isn’t it? While I will admit that I love new techy gadgets, I’m not the best at knowing how to use them unless they’re really user-friendly – and this one is! Once I opened the box, I was watching my baby sleep within 10 minutes, tops. On my iPhone! The Motorola BLINK1 turns any compatible Smartphone, tablet or computer into a video monitoring system.

All you have to do is load the free BLINK1 “Monitor Everywhere” app onto your device, log in to the Motorola BLINK1 service, and connect to the BLINK1 camera via a secure server. (Love that “secure” assurance!) I had mine connected in no time just by following the easy step-by-step directions, and then I was able to access all the cool features available simply by using the touchscreen on my iPhone.

Here’s what the room looks like at night from my view on my iPhone (This is Mickey taking a nap, by the way…)

Features of the Motorola BLINK1:

Easy to Use App:  I had no trouble following the instructions, and these things often trip me up. See…easy! Wi-Fi® Video Camera – Use of the camera requires internet access via Wi-Fi. This also means that you can watch your baby when you’re away from home (although if I understand correctly, I think that could mean that data charges apply, so I wouldn’t just leave the app open and running.) Think of the possibilities! Date  nights, nanny cam, keeping an eye on the kids in the playroom, watching your dog get into mischief! Haha…nothing is off-limits!

Live video/audio (if your device is compatible)

Polyphonic lullabies – If baby is stirring, I can lull her back to sleep with a song. Please note: If you don’t want to blast your baby awake with loud music, please pay careful attention to the volume control!

Connects up to 4 cameras – Nice option for covering a larger area.

Remote pan, tilt and zoom  – The nice thing is that this camera is very quiet when it’s moving, which is very important when you’re trying not to disturb a sleeping baby. I think the range I could see when panning was pretty large.

Two-way communication – I can hear her, and she can hear me! I can comfort her from afar, and I love that. Not that I’m ever too far, but it’s nice just in case.

Video recording/Image snapshot – If you catch your baby doing something cute or funny, go ahead and snap a photo! Or, take a video of those moments you might have otherwise missed.

MJPEG Video Compression Infrared Night Vision – So you can keep an eye on baby with no lights on.

Room Temperature Monitoring – Right now, 74 degrees in my baby’s room! You can also set it to alert you if the temp gets too high or low (see below.)

What comes in the box:Wi-Fi video camera, power adapter, user’s guide A few things I noticed: If you leave the app open and connected, the monitor beep to alert you when there is a noise in your child’s room. This will interrupt any game, phone call, etc that you are engaged in, which is a plus. You just have to set it up to alert you, like this:

However, if you are asleep, you will have to awaken enough to locate your phone and unlock it in order to view the app. Also, it’s important to remember to keep your phone charged! (My battery ran down more quickly while running the app.)


Well, yes, there are some. This device relies on your internet service, so if you have any kind of connectivity issues due to low signal, you could have an issue with interruptions in your service. Resolution is a tad low, but who needs super sharp resolution on a monitor? I can let that slide. There is a slight delay in the audio, which means your baby may stir or cry for a few moments before you hear it (and I’m talking a matter of seconds, not minutes or anything.) It’s also a tad pricey, retailing for around $250.

Overall, this monitor is leaps and bounds ahead of our old, traditional battery-operated “walkie talkie” type monitor. You could hear baby in that one, but that was all. Being able to actually see her is great, and it gives me incredible peace of mind knowing that I can check on her with my own eyes any time I choose.

I see lots of veggies (and maybe even some trimmed hedges) in my future!


  1. Tina says

    I wouldn’t waste your money. I have one and it’s a peice of garbage hardly works, and my internet connectivity is fine. and now it just blinks and won’t connect at all. I hope before you think of buying this useless piece of equipment that you simply type Monitor Everwhere review, there’s one on apptweak. it is a terrible system and a stupid app, especially when it’s suppose to be something you can rely on to watch your precious children both while you are at home and while your not! DO NOY WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!

    • Wendy says

      I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, Tina. We used ours for about 6 months and while we do have a small house and don’t need a ton of monitoring, it worked very well to fit our needs.

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