Exciting News for #Green Moms! Easier Shopping with the #JackBeNaturalApp

Life isn’t always easy with two tiny children, and that’s why I do a lot of my shopping online these days. It’s so much easier than trying to wrangle them both in the store, and quite often, online shopping saves me a lot of money. I especially love it when I find a new retailer that carries natural baby (and family) products at fair and affordable prices, like Jack Be Natural! And now, shopping with Jack Be Natural is about to get a whole lot better with the new #JackBeNaturalApp!

About the App:

    • Jack Be Natural’s FREE App now available on iTunes & Android
    • Provides access to shop at ease on JackBeNatural.com, links to social media, special deals & discounts, & more!
    • After downloading the app, you’ll be given the choice to allow “push notifications”. This will allow you to get a notification directly to your app when JBN posts a message and you’ll never miss a deal!
    • Soon to include a Live Feed to NaturalIntuition.com & some more exciting features!!

Get it on Google Play

At Jack Be Natural, you’ll find everything from cloth diapers and amber necklaces to natural bath supplies and organic food. If you’ve never shopped there before, check them out now during their 4th of July Promotion! Here are the details:

  • Make a purchase of $75 or more and get a FREE gift of your choice valued up to $10! Redeem by entering code FREEGIFT10 (Case Sensitive). If your purchase is $175 or more choose a gift of your choice up to $25 in value. 
  • Redeem by entering code FREEGIFT25 (Case Sensitive).
  • Your order total must meet the minimum amount AFTER the coupon code has been redeemed as well as any Jack’s Cash Rewards or store credit you wish to use on your purchase. Simply add to your cart the item you want for your free gift and when you enter the code the appropriate amount will be deducted from your total. You can choose any item in our store for your gift, the coupon code will deduct the appropriate, $10 or $25 amount, from your order total.
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Shop on, green moms!

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