BabyKicks Washies Hemp Fleece Wipes: Why didn't anyone tell me!?

Come ON, now people. I thought we were buds. Homies. BFFs. I thought you had my back. I thought we had a thing. 

So, why didn’t anyone tell me that I should be using cloth wipes!? 

I’m a BabyKicks Ambassador because I super big puffy heart love their JoeyBunz and Premium JoeyBunz hemp inserts. And since I’ve had the chance to try the BabyKicks Premium Pocket diapers, I’m in total love with them, too. All the fabrics they use are so trim, so absorbent, so functional….and so snuggly soft, it’s hard for me not to sleep with them on my pillow at night. (Ok, maybe not. They are diapers, after all. But you know what I mean.) 

A few weeks ago, I decided to give BabyKicks Hemparoo® Washies a shot. I never thought much about my wipes until baby girl arrived, and then it started to bug me that when I tossed my dirty cloth diaper into the bag, I was left with the errant dirty wipe. Where do you put it? A separate pail? Toss it in with the diapers and tell yourself you’ll pull it out when you wash? (That doesn’t happen, by the way.) So hemp cloth wipes called out to me, and I welcomed them with open arms. And now we’re going to live happily ever after!

I love them! 

A simple spray bottle of water kept by my changing area is all I need to keep baby girl clean and shiny-heinied. (Is that how you spell “heinied?”) I also used a solution made from some little cubes of natural booty soap that I got from a WAHM some time ago, and that spoiled me a little. BabyKicks recommends using a solution of diluted Dr. Bronner’s. Experiment, and see what works best for your baby.

The wipes are so soft, and the more I wash them, the softer they get. One side is softer and fluffier, and the other side has more texture for cleaning up tougher messes. The size is great, too. I never get anything yucky on my hand, and I very, very rarely, if ever, need to use more than 2 wipes, even for the worst diapers.

The best part about using the hemp wipes from BabyKicks is that they are versatile and durable, which means that after baby has learned how to potty, they can stick around the house to be used for so many things! Ding, ding! (Long life = added value!!)

Baby or not, the uses are endless for any household: use them in place of your regular wipes, to wash baby’s face, as a boogie wipe, as a burp cloth, to clean up while nursing or pumping, as a nursing pad in your bra, to wash your own face, remove makeup, as a hanky for you or the kids, as a cleaning rag, coaster, furniture polisher, to clean your glasses or camera lens, a lunchbox napkin…and so many more things I can’t wait to discover! 

Actually, I lied. The very BEST part about using these wipes is that I now feel like I’m doing something better for my baby. Each time I use one, I get a warm fuzzy knowing she’s not getting yucky chemicals on her skin, and that’s definitely a reason to pat my mom-self on the back.

Yeah. I’m sold. I’ll be purchasing several more of these wipes from BabyKicks on my own dime, and I might even try the Premium Washies…they even have a pocket inside to hold a bar of soap if you use them to bathe or to protect your hands from the worst of the worst blowouts. Or maybe I’ll just lay them on my pillow. :)


Note: Prewashed measurements are 7 ½” by 9 ½”. Note: each package contains 10 Wipes. The color mix pack includes at least one wipe of each color that BabyKicks carries (blue, green, red, ivory, golden, pink, lavender). All products are made individually by hand and actual measurements may vary slightly. Expect approximately 15% shrinkage after washing.


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