Tidy Books: A New Look at Kids' Books! {Review and Giveaway}

Yeah, so, uhh….we’re still working on the kids’ furniture. Ugh. It’s SO hard trying to fit 2 kids, a boy and a girl, one preschooler and one infant, into one tiny little room with a set of stairs in it. I just can’t seem to get it right. But we’re making small strides, and I’m confident that once we get our bunk beds in, the room will start to take shape.

The problem is that I’m pretty picky about what kind of furniture we buy. We can’t spend too much, but I want safe, well-made furniture that will last. And if it’s unique, that’s even better. But I’m happy to report that we did find one piece of furniture for kids that is all those things and more: our new Tidy Books Kids’ Bookcase!

A bookcase was top priority for this room because we decided that the basement will be used for toys and the bedroom will primarily hold the beds, clothes and books. I’m hoping it will be a room for rest and reading, and this bookcase is going to help with that. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m so impressed with the style and quality that I am now an official Tidy Books Ambassador! (More on that later…)

First, the reasons why I’m happy to feature Tidy Books:

  • First and foremost, Tidy Books was started by a mom because she saw a need in the market. Geraldine Grandidier created the first Tidy Books bookcase in 2004 for her daughter to encourage her love of reading.
  • The bookcase we received encourages reading by displaying the books with the cover facing front. It’s ideal, really, and it encourages independent reading by letting the bright pictures and colors take center stage, catching kids’ attention. 
  • It holds around 85 books, and takes up very little floor space. 
  • The wood used to build the bookcase comes from sustainable, FSC Certified wood.  
  • There’s no worry about off-gassing or toxicity because the lacquer used is water-based, which means it’s natural and very low in VOCs. Tidy Books cares about the health of your kids as well as the health of their workers. This is a company that takes health and safety seriously, and it shows. 
  • It comes with the hardware needed to anchor it to the wall. Very, very important for the safety of your little ones. 
  • As someone who loved reading as a child and majored in Literature, a company that truly cares about instilling a love of reading in my child is A-OK in my book!

When our kids’ bookcase arrived, I assumed at first that my husband would put it together. But then I got so anxious to see it that I took it out of the box one day when he was at work. Within an hour, it was all put together – no sweat! And I even had my little guy helping me out…

I couldn’t get over the quality of the wood. I often cringe when I’m taking pieces out of a box, waiting for the scratch, dent or broken one. But no! There was not a single flaw on anything.

Assembly was just a matter of matching up the pieces and screwing them together. Easy as pie!

See! So easy a preschooler can do it! 😀 He really was a big helper (and very proud of himself!)

Such a clean white finish. The bright, primary colored letters really pop! (And they’re already attached. You don’t have to do that part.)

Once we had it all put together, we put it into the kids’ room and attached it to the wall, just like the dressers. It’s fun to fill with books because it really showcases them. I had never thought about it before, but it makes so much sense to let kids see the covers of the books! What little kid could walk by this and resist all those bright and friendly books? For that matter, what kid could walk by this and not recite the alphabet! (Not mine…he does it every time.)

I’m really honored to be a Tidy Books Ambassador, because I think this is a top notch company that makes a really superior, heirloom-quality product. Those are pretty hard to come by, especially when it comes to products for your kids. So I hope you’ll consider checking our their kids bookcases, and keep your eyes open around here for another review or two coming up! (They make more than bookcases… 😉 )


If you do decide to bring one of their products into your home, just click on the button ad in my sidebar and use code AMB15 to save 15%!


PLUS, I’m holding a Tidy Books giveaway! Enter to win your very own bookcase on the Tidy Books Facebook page. (US only, please.) Good luck, and happy reading!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product sample in order to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own and honest based on my personal experience with the product. Your opinion may differ.  


  1. Savannah miller says

    That book shelf is super cute!! My little guys have so many books I need a new way to organize them :)

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