Fire Up Father's Day with Strawberry S'mores and Duraflame

My husband never gets too excited when a package comes in the mail. It’s usually baby stuff, or something pregnancy-related. But not this time! Just in time for Father’s Day, I was asked to check out the new Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs. If there was ever a product with my hubs’ name written all over it, it’s this one!

We were sent a complimentary Duraflame camping kit, and we finally broke it out this week after my boys put together a quick fire pit made with some big rocks and stumps from our yard. We’re working on a bigger one down by our creek, but the poison ivy is a little too rampant to play there just yet. 

Before this review came in, I was at a loss as to what to do for Father’s Day. We’re on a much tighter budget than we were just a few short months ago, but we definitely don’t want Dad to feel forgotten. Since my husband is definitely an outdoors kind of guy, I now know that we can put together a really fun, family-focused celebration for him without spending a lot!

These Duraflame Roasting Logs stack and burn like wood, but they’re made from 100% renewable resources, including real wood charcoal. They’re small and compact (a definite plus for campers and hikers), individually wrapped, and quick and easy to light, but the best part is that they’re lab-tested safe for roasting food. 

It’s recommended that you wait about 45 minutes before roasting, but we started after about 10 minutes because I wanted to see the difference for the sake of the review. The marshmallows definitely roasted nicer after the logs burned for a while, and the “new” smell went away. I would recommend waiting, like Duraflame says.

Here’s an easy how-to that shows you exactly how to use them:  

Camping is such a simple thing. A pastime that so many people love but don’t take the time to do. This has been my problem for so long, so it was a real treat for us to take a night to just sit in the yard around a fire and enjoy some QT with the family. We decided on a dessert night, and I took the opportunity to slip a few healthy touches in with our sweets, because…well, that’s what I do.

Our favorite things to stack into a s’more:

  • Strawberry slice, marshmallow, graham cracker (this is what we did!)
  • Pineapple slice, marshmallow rolled in coconut, graham cracker (tropically delicious!)
  • Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, marshmallow, chocolate graham cracker (Ok, not so healthy. But OMG.)
We also made a foil packet and stuffed a banana with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. After about 15 minutes nestled in next to the fire, it was a warm, gooey bit of heaven! A truly decadent dessert, with real ingredients! #lovethat (The same banana idea works as a great camping breakfast if you stuff it with almond butter and granola.)
We had such a great time with our dessert night by the fire that we’ve decided to do a full dinner for Father’s Day. We’ll do chicken and veggies in foil packets over the grill, and then roasted fruits and marshmallows again, and it’ll be even more affordable with the Duraflame coupons available on their website. I can’t wait! (But don’t tell my husband…he thinks it’s all for him!)
Happy Father’s Day, honey! :)
Disclosure: I received a complimentary campfire kit in order to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest based on my personal experience with the product. Your opinion may differ.


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