Wordless Wednesday: Honeybees!

This is a photo of my parents’ new willow tree. But, if you look closely, there’s something else there..

It’s a swarm of honeybees! There was a time when the sight of them would have scared me out of the yard. But now that the health of some bees is in jeopardy, I’m just really glad to see a happy, healthy swarm!

They only stayed a few hours, then left, so I’m glad I snapped this photo when I did.

Sorry it’s not too clear. I didn’t want to get any closer!

Are you afraid of bees? Have you ever seen a swarm like this?





  1. Yes, I am afraid of bees – just seeing this makes my skin crawl! Eek!! I think I’m more afraid of wasps, though, since those allergic reactions run in the family.
    Whitney @ Momma Knows Best recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: My ChildrenMy Profile

  2. OMGosh I am so so sooo afraid of bees, but it’s because I always get stung! BUT – I DO love local honey for allergies.
    Danielle @ We Have It All recently posted..Summer Fun Giveaway Event | Bloggers WantedMy Profile

  3. We were very pleased to see a healthy swarm of honey bees resting in our tree before leaving to find a permanant home. Without honey bees our food supply would be in big trouble.

  4. I am for sure afraid of bees, they creep me out and I could not handle a swarm!
    Myranda B recently posted..Slackin’ on my Mackin’My Profile

  5. Yikes! But so glad to see a swarm like that – just like you, I’m concerned about their population!

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