Elliette: 12-week update

Our little Elliette turned 12 weeks old on Thursday!

I can’t believe how fast the first 3 months went. Much like my pregnancy, it was a whirlwind. The way life is whizzing by, I can tell I need to make some serious changes or I’m going to miss things I definitely don’t want to miss…but that’s another post.

As for Elliette, she’s showing more and more personality each day, and we love having her here to complete our family. We often call her Ellie, or El, or (my favorite) Ellie-belle. Smiles started around 6 weeks and I can get one almost every time I try. Not much giggling yet (she’s actually quite a serious girl) but the cooing is frequent…and soo cute!

She’s nursing like a champ and is gaining weight very well, as you’ll see in the pics below. We introduced a bottle so Grammie can feed her while I’m at work, and she’s doing great with that, too. We started it around 8 weeks so by the time I went back to work on Thursday we had no worries about whether she’d take it. But any time I’m not working, she gets her milk straight from the tap.

She’s playing a bit now, and her TinyLove Gymini Move & Play mat is her favorite, with all the lights and music. She also has a Fisher Price musical seahorse that helps at bedtime. I’m in the market for some fun new things for her to play with, but we also have to bust out some of Finn’s old toys, too.

Everyone keeps asking if I’m getting any sleep, and the answer is no, but it’s not baby girl’s fault! I may be an insomniac, but she’s sleeping from 9:30 to 5am with one short feeding around 1:30. It’s fantastic after our boy, who didn’t sleep through the night until 2 1/2 years old. I don’t expect it to continue without some hiccups, but it sure is nice for now! If I could just stop checking on her every 20 minutes, all. night. long. 

And speaking of our boy, he’s completely smitten with his little sister. We are having a few behavioral issues, but nothing that isn’t normal, I think. For the most part, he loves to hug and kiss her, and say how cute she is a million times a day. He also loves to introduce her as “the new one” or by her full name (Elliette Plum) and tell strangers in the grocery store about what body parts she doesn’t have, if you know what I mean. 3-year-old’s are anything but predictable! But yes, he’s in love. I hope it continues.

These first months have really changed things for us, and given me tons to think about. I was a different person after my son was born, but I’ve been changed even more now. This little lady has stolen my heart, and I’m thankful every moment for my family of four.

Here are some photos from our first 12 weeks!

Immediately after she was born, in our Hot Mama Gown and matching blanket…

Mom’s attempt at some cute photos…

First Blooming Bath! :)

With her big brother and best friend. <3

Starting to fill out a bit, and making silly faces:

First Easter egg hunt with Grammie.

Happy girl!

Learning to play, and loving it!

Much better in the bath now, and starting to chunk up!

The day I went back to work, she discovered her thumb.

I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months will bring! They’ll be full of surprises, I’m sure.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Julia Miller says

    Aww, what a little cacheton! (chubby cheeks in Spanish. Trust me, it’s a compliment. 😉 ) I’m glad your little took to a bottle, mine never did. They’re all so different! May she continue to thrive.

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