Silk Fruit & Protein: A new way to shake up my wake up.


Eggs. Yogurt. Grilled chicken breast. 

They were my best friends when I was pregnant. Every day, all the time. All I wanted was a donut, but with gestational diabetes, I had to keep it high-protein, low sugar, and those types of foods really did a great job of keeping my weight gain low, my energy high, and my blood sugar stable. In fact, I was so happy with the effects of my high-protein diet that I decided to continue it after baby, too.

The only problem? I don’t usually include that many animal products in my daily eats. I’m a little afraid of high cholesterol, plus I just don’t like that much animal fat in my life. So, when I was asked to give Silk Fruit & Protein a try, I couldn’t help but go, “Hmm…..”

Silk Fruit & Protein piqued my interest because it contains 5 grams of protein per serving. Protein that comes from soy. I’ll admit that I’m a little torn on the subject of soy, but I like the thought of balancing out my animal protein with a plant source. That, along with the fact that all Silk products carry the Non-GMO Project verified seal (no Franken-soybeans!) convinced me to give it a go. 

I actually thought that Silk Fruit & Protein would be like a smoothie or milk drink. It’s not. Since it comes in tangy fruit juice blends like Mixed Berry, Mango Peach and Strawberry Banana, I decided to use it as a replacement for my morning juice. I’m off caffeine, so the fruit flavor and shot of protein help wake me up and keep me up, which is a feat these days. I’m to the point now where I look forward to a glass the same way I used to look forward to an iced coffee. (Ok, well almost...)

…AND it is an excellent source of the calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C this tandem nursing mom needs. Total gold star for F&P!

The only problem I’m having now is that my husband and son have jumped on board, too, and now I can’t get my hands on it.My son hops out of bed and wants “fruity ‘tuff” right away, but it’s OK because I like knowing he’s getting some protein to start his day. I pack him a balanced, healthy lunch, but who knows how much of it actually gets eaten? It’s the only soy product we use, so I’m comfortable with it as one of his protein sources, and I like knowing that he’s starting off the day with something substantial instead of sugary juice. That boy is a mover and a shaker (it NEVER stops) so he needs the fuel!

Besides drinking it straight up, you can also shake up your wake up by adding Silk Fruit & Protein to your smoothie. I like adding about 1/2 cup to some homemade yogurt and any extra fruit we have. It makes an awesome smoothie that keeps me full well into the morning, and my little boy couldn’t be happier with a cup full in the morning (especially when I add strawberries. I keep telling him he’s going to turn into one, which is still new enough to be really funny to him. :) )

Interested in trying it for yourself? Just print out this Silk Fruit & Protein coupon, then take it to one of the stores that sell Silk in your area. And be sure to like them on Facebook for all the latest news!

What’s your main source of protein? Have you ever tried Silk?

*This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Silk blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.



  1. Jaimie Adams says

    Yum! I love having a smoothie in the morning so this would be a nice alternative to making one myself. :)

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