Grab a FREE Conscious Box!

Who likes pure, natural, sustainable products? 

You do!

Who likes supporting ethical, purpose-driven businesses of all sizes? 

You do!

Who likes FREE STUFF?


…and I do, too! That’s why I’m stoked to announce that Conscious Box is offering a promo code for a FREE monthly subscription box (for a limited time.) I’ve been told that I am at liberty to share it with all my readers, so here goes:

Use code SECRETCODE during checkout on any “Monthly” subscription, and all you’ll need to pay is shipping. (Repeat: You DO have to pay shipping!) The box itself is free, courtesy of the folks at Conscious Box. It’s their way of saying “Thanks!” for the success they’ve seen over the past year, and it’s just in time for Earth Day!

If you’re not yet familiar with the best way to find carefully curated natural and sustainable products, check out my Conscious Box review. Then go get yourself a box, on them!

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