Lacing up: New Health and Fitness Goals

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Hey, I forgot to mention…I’ve started running again! 

Sitting around during our ages-long winter (which included the last weeks of my pregnancy, my recovery, and the first weeks of nursing, all of which normally find a mom pretty immobile) has left me feeling unhappy and unfit, to say the least. It’s a terrible feeling, especially since my restricted diet and pregnancy aversions had me feeling pretty unhealthy during the beginning of my pregnancy, too.

Long story short, it’s been ages since I’ve felt good physically. I’ll spare you all the boring details, but I’m in pretty dire need of the seratonin that comes from good, regular workouts. I haven’t been sleeping, and it seems that even breastfeeding two babies doesn’t provide enough of the  “feel good” chemicals I need right now…so off I go! Luckily, I ran until 28 weeks with Little E, so it should be pretty easy to pick it back up again. (I hope.)

New kicks for me!

Fitness will be a major goal and topic of exploration for me over the coming months, but my diet needs to change, too. As I mentioned, my pregnancies seemed to affect my love of many healthy foods – veggies and grains, in particular. (I was OK with fruits, eggs, lean meats, etc. so I didn’t go too far off the path. I gained 24 pounds, not too bad.) But now, I’m friends with the veg again and I know that getting my everyday eating back on track is paramount to my good health. I think I’m even going to bust out my juicer, since I seem to be craving a good nutrient-kick. I still have 8 pounds of baby weight to lose, but it’s not really about that. It’s about overall health, and for the first time, weight loss is actually on the bottom of my priority list.

So, I guess this post is about setting goals. Here’s to hoping that the next year is about meeting them!

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