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All-new Doc McStuffins (Vote for your favorite character!)

 There are a lot of TV characters we simply don’t allow into our home.

(Swiss-cheese looking undersea dude, you know who you are…)

But Doc McStuffins isn’t one of them! We LOVE Doc!

We love all of her friends, too. But which one is our favorite?

Wow… it’s hard to choose between Hallie, Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly! Can you?

 Beginning Friday, April 12, Disney Junior invites fans to vote for their favorite “Doc McStuffins” toy character at DisneyJunior.com. The toy with the most votes will be revealed on-air Friday, May 3 during the premiere of the new episode:

“Bronto Boo-Boos / Brontosaurus Breath” (10:00-10:30 a.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel. 

The episode debut will be followed by a special “Doc McStuffins” marathon highlighting the winning character. 

If you watch Doc as much as we do, you’re probably as excited as I am about a new episode! (Hey, we parents watch too, right?) In “Bronto Boo-Boos / Brontosaurus Breath,” Donny’s new toy dinosaur, Bronty, learns an important lesson about playing with little kids who are smaller than him and the importance of brushing his teeth. That’s a struggle we have often at bedtime, so I’m hoping this one hits home with my little one! If there’s anyone he’ll take advice from, it’s Doc!

Don’t forget to vote!

*Disclosure: No compensation, no sponsorship. We just love Doc!


  1. Brooke Bernstein says:

    My favorite character is LAMBIE!!!! She looks so soft…..makes me wanna snuggle with her!

  2. doc your a good doctor and i have lots of stuff like you ,love paige

  3. i love lambie

  4. My favorit charcter is LAMBIE she is pretty and she look’s so soft and i love her and i love all the others to but she’s my favorit , love paige

  5. My favorite character is Lambie. Because she is sweet, caring and she is happy and always smiling.

  6. I love the snowman

  7. I love the lambie soo soft

  8. Kingsley says:

    We vote for chilli because he is funny!!!

  9. my favorite toy is lambie because she always wants to cuddle.

  10. Lambie

  11. i vote for chilly

  12. I voted for Stuffy, he’s my favorite because he’s big and brave

  13. I vote for lambie she is the cutest one of all.

  14. I pick lambie because she sweet as cotton candy and she always want a cuddle love, autumn

  15. I am katy and I vote for lamme

  16. I love hallie.

  17. I am pj and I vote for lamme

  18. I love lannie! I want to snuggle with her

  19. caleb bogonko says:

    I like stuffy because he is a big brave dragon

  20. Lambie because I love her

  21. Hallie she be jammin

  22. Lambie and stuffy are my favorite!

  23. Abigail may says:

    I like Hallie she is funny.

  24. My FAVORITE Charter Is Lambie

  25. lambie because shes helpful and nice

  26. lambie because shes cute and helpful and nice.

  27. I love Lambie

  28. i vote for lambie because i like ballet she inspires me.

  29. Hannah Matheny says:

    my favorite character is Lambie

  30. Hannah Matheny says:

    my favorite toy is Stuffy because he is crazy like my Dad

  31. Hannah Matheny says:

    Lambie is sweet for cuddling, Hallie takes care of Doc’s patients, and Chilly is always forgetting he is not real. I like all of them

  32. Lori Beth Norman says:

    Lambie is my favorite character

  33. i love chilly

  34. I like stuffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. chilly

  36. dequayja richardson says:

    i love the stuffy so much

  37. I pick Halley

  38. I love Hallie she is funny and my favorite!

  39. I am voting for Chilly. Lambie and Stuffy had a whole week of being the favorite toy. Let Hallie or Chilly win.

  40. christina says:

    Lambie is the best becuz i’ve had her stuffed toy since i was a baby and shes the best thing ever!!!! <3

  41. Lambie is to cute

  42. I choose chilly! I love snowmen and chilly would be the perfect stuffed animal to have.

  43. I like lammie cause she is so white an she loves to give hugs like i do with my mom that’s why i pick l.ammie

  44. I love hallie go hallie go hallie

  45. I pick lannie because I like when she give hugs

  46. I like stuffy

  47. I vote for lammie she’s so sweet!

  48. I choose stuffy

  49. I choose ambie because ilove how she gives cuddles to everybody.

  50. Stuffy

  51. Stuffy

  52. Stuffy

  53. I vote for lammie

  54. I like stuffy, cause he so funny and because he thinks he brave when he is scared. :) 😉

  55. I like halley cause shes so getto and awesome like my friend ZOE.:);)

  56. Dana Caps says:

    I vote for Hallie…she is truly the Best

  57. Stuffie, because he’s blue and funny.

  58. I love lamy because she is like me nice,cute,and thouphful

  59. malaysia says:

    I pick stuffy because he is crazy and funny

  60. Lamb because she is funy

  61. I vote for Lamie because she is nice and explains her feelings. Sometimes she gets sad but she lives through it. She is cuddly and I love her.


  63. I vote lamie se is just to cute I do Dance so she makes me try more better

  64. i like stuffy because he is active

  65. I like lAMBIE! She’s so cute :)

  66. Lambie is the best because she is soft and cuddly.

  67. I love LAMBIE!:)

  68. I love LAMBIE!:))

  69. i vote for lambie because she is the most preety and because she is also nice to doc ,stuffy ,chilly and hallie also because she gives sweet hugs

  70. i love lambie if i was a lamb i would want to look like her and cuddle with pepole

  71. I Like Stuffie because he is brave and like to go on adventures.

  72. I pick stuffy lamie already has valentines day.and hallie had her bday and chillie has Christmas and stuffy has nothing so this should be stuffys

  73. Stuffie

  74. StuffiDuh he’s awsome

  75. patience evans says:

    Mynames Patience Evans Im 3. Lammie is my favorite. she makes me happy:) even when I’m sad. i love her.

  76. I like Hallie because she always says cheerful things
    to brighten up everyone’s day .

  77. Finn wall says:

    Chilly,because he so chill,chill,chilly.

  78. I love Stuffy best! Stuffy rocks!

  79. I like Chilly, he is awesome!!

  80. Erin Brown says:

    My name is Wren Brown and I am 6 years old. I vote for Lammie, because she is cuddly, cute, furry, adorable, and FUN!

  81. My favorite animals are Hallie and Chilly.

  82. I vote for lambie because she is so
    cute and cudly

  83. Lammie is my daughter Sofia’s favorite . Stuffy is my daughter Rina’s Fave!:)

  84. Hallie hallie im 5 amd love her hallie hawie

  85. I pick stuffy

  86. Catalina says:

    I like Lambie cause she always cuddles when there is a patient

  87. I love Chilly!

  88. I like Lambie because she’s pink!

  89. I like Chilly because he’s cute and funny!

  90. chloe king says:

    Stuffy cuz he’s silly

  91. We love lambie she’s so sweet

  92. I love Hallie…..you go girl I vote for you

  93. i will like stuffy because she is always happy and joyful an loves hugs like me so pick stuffy

  94. i will like stuffy because she is always happy and joyful an loves hugs like me so pick stuffy

  95. i will like stuffy because she is always happy and joyful an loves hugs like me so pick stuffy

  96. i will like stuffy because she is always happy and joyful an loves hugs like me so pick stuffy

  97. pick stuffy because she is always happy and joyful,helpful to others like me PICK STUFFY

  98. I vote for stuffy

  99. I vote for stuffy because he is adorible

  100. Lambie

  101. Nyeem Neal says:

    nyeem loves stuffy

  102. Bryson says please let STUFFY WIN!

  103. megan madden says:


  104. stufie

  105. lambie

  106. I vote for Lambie.

  107. I pick lambie she is soòoooooooooo cute and cuddly


  108. Gkmommy says:

    Lambie is my girls favorite

  109. stuffy is my favorite because he roars

  110. aydan stuffy is my favorite

  111. stuffy

  112. Aubrey says:

    My favorite stuffy is Lambie

  113. Meredith says:

    I’m with Aubrey….my favorite is Lambie also

  114. SANNIYA JOHNSON says:

    I’M WITH AUBREY AND MEREDITH I VOTE LAMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. lambie because she is funny an she give’s hug an they make people fill good good about there sheves

  116. gianna says:


  117. Esha/Akhila says:

    We vote for lambie.

  118. i will vote for lambie

  119. I pick lambie because she is so sweet

  120. Who won? My daughter had soccer practice the night it aired and we are dying to find out the winner – HELP!
    (she voted for Chilly)

  121. I vote for Hallie because she is purple and so funny to me.

    Love Kiuara

  122. lambie

  123. LAMBIE big time she is just soooooooooooooo cute

  124. I pick lambie go go go girl u going to win im autumns nrother and lil shay boyfriend

  125. Go lambie go girl im counting on u im lil shay boyfriend and autumn brother

  126. pick lambie shes so brave and cuddles everyone in town. Also shes s0 cute

  127. My self and my daughter pick lambie, she is beautiful and brave and just deserves to win <3

  128. catherine says:

    i like lambie much better

  129. hallie

  130. we like hallie because she helps doc

  131. Stuffy

  132. Lambing.

  133. Lambie

  134. jemma carkeek says:

    I like Chilly because he get’s sared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. I am going to pick stuffy because he is clumsy !!!!!!!!!!!

  136. I am picking ‘Stuffy’ because he is clumsy.

  137. I pick Hallie

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