The Anytime Bralet from Bella Materna: Review and Giveaway {Ends 4.24)

*Please note:  I received a complimentary product for review purposes. As always, I will only promote products that I personally use and/or recommend to my readers.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me griping at some point about my inability to find a decent-fitting nursing bra. grumble grumble… 

Some of the problems I’ve encountered during my 3-year quest to find a great bra:

  • Weird shapeless mom boob or uniboob
  • Lack of support.
  • Lack of coverage (the always-embarrassing “headlights” issue)
  • Inability to accommodate the varying sizes from pregnancy to breastfeeding
  • Loss of support as the day goes on. (Great at 8:00am, saggy by lunchtime.)
  • Flimsy straps
  • Itchy fabric
  • …and the list goes on.

The folks at Bella Materna thought that they might have the answer to my issues, so they graciously allowed me to give their Anytime Bralet a shot. 

(And let me tell you, nursing a newborn along with a 3-year-old makes me a pretty good bra tester, because there are all kinds of things going on with “the girls” these days. I probably hit 3 or 4 different sizes throughout the course of a day! And, with all the hooking and unhooking and stretching and pulling cups aside, I really put my bras to work.)

Look out, Mamas! It seems we have a winner!

And it’s even pretty, right? In the photos, the Anytime Bralet from Bella Materna looks a little bit like a sleep bra, but it’s not. It IS comfortable enough to sleep in, but it’s made from a luxurious smooth and silky Oeko-Tex fabric (certified to be toxin free!) 

Available in sizes S through XXL, the fit is flexible enough to take you from pregnancy through your nursing days. Since I originally thought this was similar to a sleep bra, I was excited to discover that it features a back closure with extra hook settings for more adjustability.

Another welcome feature is the removable pad in each cup for smooth shape and lift. I’m not a huge fan of pads because I find they often wrinkle or get scrunched up when you nurse a lot, but they’re a nice option. Especially for coverage. I have mine out for now, but I think I’ll put them back in once we start nursing a little less often.

The last thing I’d like to point out is the pull-aside nursing access. I’ve broken many a clasp trying to get things unhooked for a hungry baby, so this is a nice change. Just pull it aside. It makes nursing in public a lot easier, too, when you don’t have to worry about re-hooking.

Is there anything I didn’t like?

The way this bra is constructed, the support comes from the sturdy band and shoulder straps rather than the cups. I would say it’s built more for comfort than contour, since there is no wire or side support in the cups. Overall, this wasn’t a big problem for me, and since it’s Bella Materna’s #1 selling wirefree bra, I guess it’s not a problem for most!

For a long time, I chose my bra each morning based on which one I disliked the least. Now, thanks to Bella Materna, I have a pretty bra to grab first each day!

Buy it!

The Anytime Bralet is available in sizes S–XXL, in Black or Nude, at

 Win it!

There are TWO prizes to be won, courtesy of the fine folks at Bella Materna! One winner will receive the Anytime Bralet in their choice of bare or black (retail value: $48.00) and another winner will receive the Anytime Bralet FULL CUP Version (retail value $58.00.)  Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. I like the anytime camisole. I love tanks I can nurse in!
    Jen @ ThisCrunchyLife recently posted..Ditching paper towelsMy Profile

  2. I like the anytime gown

  3. Mayla M says:

    I also like the Smooth Wirefree Nursing Bra Full Cup.

  4. Jaimie Adams says:

    I also really like the Anytime Nursing Gown. It looks comfy for this summer when my baby is due. :)

  5. Anne Perry says:
  6. It’s hard to even window shop for myself cause I’m ALWAYS buying stuff or the kids however, the “sexy lounge dress” looks comfy :)

  7. Kristi P says:

    The Smooth Underwire Bra Full Cup Looks exactly like what I’vee been searching for.

  8. Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    Anytime Gown Full Cup – lougewear :)

  9. kimberly pugliese says:

    the peacock lace bra let is gorgeous!

  10. the Underwire Anytime Bra is very pretty too!

  11. I like the peacock lace bralet! The anytime gown looks comfy, too. :)
    Jenn L recently posted..bubba brand Sports Bottles @bubba_brandsMy Profile

  12. Vivian S says:

    The Anytime camisole

  13. Ashley Parks says:

    I like the All Weather Blanket Woobee From RoSK…. it looks soft and my hubby would love the color! :)

  14. LoryAnn P says:

    I like the T-Shirt Nursing Bra Full Cup.

  15. Since I rarely get out of my pj’s these days (looking for COMFY!!) the anytime nursing gown looks like a major win (especially as the summer approaches).

  16. katherine d says:

    full cup on barre

  17. Sarah Keeter says:

    I’d go for full cup in black!

  18. I’d want the anytime regular version.

  19. Rebecca Villalba says:

    I am also a long-term nursing mom, having nursed my first two for 2 1/2 yrs each and am now nursing my 3 mos old. I too have tried MANY different brands of nursing bras that were uncomfortable and not great quality in general. I can absolutely vouch for the quality and durability of Bella Materna bras. I still have a bra that I bought 6 yrs ago and put in a lot of use that’s in great shape! I have sensitive skin and get itchy very easily, however the fabric is very comfortable. I would definitely continue to use these bras past my nursing days as they are supportive and look great! My cup size has gone up with my 3rd baby and I’d love to have another Bella Materna bra that fits my current size.

  20. Michelle Garcia says:

    I would choose the regular coverage bra. I have yet to find a great nursing bra so would be interested to see if this one is THE one for me as well. I am on my third nursling and have been nursing at least one baby for the past 5 1/2 years now.

  21. I would go for the full cup! I also really like the T-shirt bra full cup. It looks comfy and sexy :)

  22. I would choose the regular in bare!

  23. I would love either of these nursing bras. Nursing in and of itself can sometimes be a daunting task so anything to make it easier would be awesome! Thank you :)

  24. I like the peacock lace
    allie recently posted..Zuma Bicycle Trailer/ Jogging Stroller GiveawayMy Profile

  25. Oops answered the question wrong.

    I would get regular cup in black.
    allie recently posted..Zuma Bicycle Trailer/ Jogging Stroller GiveawayMy Profile

  26. I have the bralet in regular…..and love it! Would love one in black!

  27. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh the Anytime Bralet Full Cup with Removable Pads!!!!!

  28. Full Cup in Black.

  29. I would pick the full cup in either color.

  30. Christy G says:

    I would choose regular in bare

  31. The full cup is for me! black

  32. Regular cup in black!

  33. I would choose the full cup in bare

  34. I would love to find a great nursing bra. Most I have found to be not so comfortable after a couple hours

  35. Regular in bare. Looks so comfortable and pretty!

  36. I’d love to try this bra!

  37. I would choose the full cup in bare

  38. lauren michele says:

    i think i’d get the regular in black, but it’s a hard choice.

  39. I would choose the full cup in bare

  40. Want! I have yet to find a bra that works for me post-partum.

  41. Regular in bare!

  42. The anytime bralet

  43. Full, in nude.

  44. I’d choose the regular version in black.

  45. Regular in bare!

  46. Kristen H. W. says:

    I would choose the full cup in bare.

  47. I would choose the regular in the nude!

  48. I would choose regular cup in black. I need removable pads because I always have deer in headlights problem!
    How did this compare to the popular Bravado?

  49. Alicia smith says:

    I’m bra shopping right now! Dying for a good nursing bra
    Regular in bare

  50. Anytime regular in black!
    Sara @ Mom Endeavors recently posted..Gearing up for summer pool time!My Profile

  51. melissa darling says:
  52. Amanda C says:

    regular in bare

  53. courtney k says:

    regular in bare

  54. I would love one of these!!!!!!

  55. Jessica Kae Buzzell says:

    I would choose the regular cup in bare

  56. Most likely the regular in bare. thanks!
    Kathryn Depew recently posted..Blogger Opportunity: May Etsy Gift Card Giveaway (Sign Up Closes May 2)My Profile

  57. I’d choose the regular anytime in Black. I still haven’t found a really good bra. This would be a fun win.

  58. Jessica Epps says:

    Regular in bare!

  59. This would be great – three of my hard-used nursing bras have broken underwires in the last 2 weeks! Nude would be best.

  60. says:

    regular in black.

  61. Regular in Bare please!!

  62. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I would choose the regular in black!

  63. I think regular in bare

  64. Jennifer Martir says:

    Tshirt nursing bra full cup black!

  65. Anytime Bralet regular in black.

  66. Regular in black

  67. susan smoaks says:

    i would choose the full cup in bare

  68. Regular in bare!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey recently posted..HelloFresh: the answer to my cooking disasters!My Profile

  69. stephaniet says:

    I would choose the full cup in Black ! :)

  70. the bralet in nude for sure

  71. Jessica L. says:

    I would choose the regular in black!

  72. Christina Horstman says:

    Regular in bare is what I would pick :-)

  73. Anytime Bralet Full Cup in Black!

  74. Catherine BW says:

    Regular in black

  75. This bra looks so comfy!!

  76. This looks like a great bra!

  77. larissa b. says:

    regular bralet in black

  78. Andrea@MommyPR says:

    T-shirt nursing bra regular cup

  79. Full version in bare would be amazing.

  80. Amy Shrago says:

    I’d choose the full cup in bare.

  81. I would like the Anytime Tank. :)
    Courtney @ Joy Of Momma Joyner recently posted..Anna Wahlgren – European Author – In NYC To Promote Her BooksMy Profile

  82. I’d love to try one of these.

  83. Sandee Hill says:

    I’d choose the full coverage in bare!

  84. Looks super comfortable!

  85. Heather V says:

    I’d choose the regular coverage in nude.

  86. I’d love the regular cup in bare.

  87. regular in bare

  88. rachel travis says:

    Full in bare!

  89. I’d choose the regular coverage in bare

  90. Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t really get the difference between the Regular or Full Cup version? But either way, I’d pick the bare color. :)
    Tamara recently posted..Bedwetting – Facts vs. FictionMy Profile

  91. Michael Torres says:

    I think my wife would like the full in black.

  92. I love the regular cup version in bare! :)

  93. regular in black!


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