Spring Cleaning? Don't forget the kids! {Baby Bathtime Giveaway: Ends 4/8}

I’ve got the urge to do some spring cleaning.

…and that includes the kids! (Man, do they ever get dirty!)

And, to get you in on the fun, I’m giving away two of our very favorite bath products: one for babies, and one for bigger kids. I think you’ll love them as much as we do!

One winner will receive a Bubbles and Blooms prize package, featuring: 

One Blooming Bath in your choice of color (See my review here.)

One Babytime! by Episencial bathtime bundle (See my review here.)

Enter to win using the easy Rafflecopter form below. Good luck, and happy bathtime!

Contest open through 4/8. US only, must be 18 or older.

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  1. Denise N. says

    My youngest is not a fan of getting her hair washed so we have to make sure that bath time is enticing and fun! What gets her in the bath? Big sis and bubbles (we just use her Burts Bee’s Baby Shampoo as bubble bath, helps to make sure she gets extra clean too!!) We make bath crayons to use and we have foam letters that they love to stick to the walls. Sometimes she requests I put my feet in too, which I don’t mind (mini spa time for mommy)

  2. Randi S says

    Hmm…my son is a big fan of bubbles…we load the tub up and have bubble fights where we fill our hands with bubbles and blow as hard as we can to send the bubbles flying at each other:)

  3. Jessica L. says

    My best tip is to get the bathwater temperature right :) They’re in a much better mood w/ they’re warm enough :)

  4. Lyndsay Hampton says

    We fill the tub with warm water and then use the handheld shower nozzle during the bath too! Kids love to get sprayed and makes rinsing hair a cinch!

  5. Kristin says

    Since mine is still on the way I will use a tip from my niece who is 6 years old. Making sure to have color shaving cream in the tub so she can foam up! much cheaper then those cans of foam spray. plus she can create her own colors and learn.

  6. Karen says

    Lots of bubbles, pouring cups, and boats! And starting bathtime a little bit earlier than you think you need to so there’s lots of time to splash.

  7. Claire Rheinheimer says

    Lots of tub toys- my son has always loved water tho, I haven’t really had to force him to have fun.

  8. Laura W. says

    My kids like those magnetic boats. Really anything we give them makes them happy to use in the tub, including a plain old cup to scoop and dump water all over.

  9. Ashley Parks says

    We make bathtime fun with lots of bath toys! We have our daughter “wash” the bath toys while she gets washed! lol!

  10. Rochelle Luaders says

    Lately my boys (we have 3) like the bath because we can put the baby in with them. They think that’s fun. (supervised really closely, don’t worry)

  11. Jennifer Pittman says

    My daughter likes to play with a plastic ball about the size of a soccer ball, and pretend she is swimming in a pool swimming!

  12. Tina T says

    Well, as bad as it may be, we avoid Mr. Bubbles.. I have 3 girls and from what I can remember, Mr. Bubbles and the female anatomy do not mix well anyhow,………. My husband is a great guitar player and always plays lots of nursery rhymes for the girls, I on the other hand am musically challenged so, I use the tambourine :)

    • Wendy says

      Oh, no..I totally agree. I avoid Mr. Bubble completely. As a child, it gave me a UTI every time. That stuff is NO good! Love the thought of a Daddy playing guitars for his little girls. So sweet!

  13. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    All of my babies have been water babies so far so I am hoping this one will be too. Keeping baby warm and tickling toes- lots of smiles and magical bubbles- When they are really little, I will massage their little feet and legs.

  14. Erika T. says

    I placed stick on stars on the ceiling. My daughter looks toward the stars for me to wash her hair and avoid the eyes!

  15. Jacqueline Gordon Smith says

    Toys, bubbles, bath paints, giving my toddler her own wash cloth and having her help wash herself is something she likes too

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