Safe Travel with Two

 As I sat down to get some work done tonight, I got a Facebook message from a friend. He was looking for my husband so he could tell him about the “Monsters of Rock” cruise he’ll be heading out on this weekend. Sounds like it’s going to be one serious rockfest, full of hair spray and music that I used to listen to in my Volkswagen in 1990! Not my scene anymore, really, but they’re all about it, so I’m sure they’ll have a blast.
We’ll be traveling this weekend, too.  It’s hard to find the time to visit family, so we often let it go way longer than we should. But right now, my husband’s grandmother is in poor health, so time together needs to be high on the priority list…plus, meeting the new baby in the family is enough to make anyone feel better, right? :)
We’re not going too far away, just a couple of hours. But we’re traveling with two now so I feel like I should have already started packing! I hope our trunk is big enough to accommodate all the travel essentials we’ll need to take with us. Luckily, we’re not staying overnight, so the big stuff can stay at home, but with diaper bags, toys, snacks, extra clothes, etc., I’m sure there won’t be much spare room in the car. Life sure is different as a parent. I remember times when my friends and I used to take off on spur-of-the-moment trips without even stopping at home before we left!
We never thought about many important things in those days, and especially not unpleasant things like having a will or what we would do if we got sick or injured while traveling. I mean, who plans ahead for that stuff? Surely not a carefree, “flyin’ by the seat of my pants” world traveler like I wanted to be. Alas, life goes on, you get smart, and you think about things like insurance, holiday compensation in case of accidents, and covering your butt. These days, instead of making sure we have a cooler full of beer for our trip, I’d rather visit Irwin Mitchell for info on keeping my family safe and protected.
Now, to convince my friend to think ahead as well. I may not get him to plan out a will before rockin’ out with Cinderella and Lita Ford, but I’m sure as heck going to remind him not to stand to close to the edge of the boat. It’s a start, right? :)
Do you plan ahead for the unexpected while traveling, or do you just wing it and have fun? 
Any tips for traveling with two kids? We’re new at this!
*This is a Type B post.


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