BabyKicks Premium Pocket Cloth Diapers: Perfect for Newborns!

A few months ago, I announced that I had become an ambassador for one of my very favorite cloth diapers brands – BabyKicks!

I spent some time learning and telling others about our experience with the BabyKicks products we used with our son, but I wasn’t really using the diapers at the time. Just relaying how pleased we were with what we had already tried.

But now, we’re back on the fluff wagon again, and we got a great start with a new product from BabyKicks! It’s the Premium Pocket Diaper (a new and improved version of the diaper formerly knows as the 3g) and we love it!

I’ll admit, it took us a little while to get cloth on our little lady’s bum. I had some health issues after delivery, and I wanted to get adjusted to our new tandem breastfeeding relationship, so I took the pressure off and gave myself permission to use some sposies for a week or two, which was good. But I couldn’t ignore the call of my fresh and fluffy cloth…

I was skeptical when the folks at BabyKicks told me that their Premium Pocket Diaper could accommodate babies from 7 to 40 lbs. Our newborn looked so tiny! How on Earth would this diaper adjust down small enough to fit her? But it did!

The secret to the newborn setting? All I had to do was tuck the upper part of the front waistband inside the pocket! Clever. 

Here are some pics of the BabyKicks Premium Pocket on its smallest and largest settings:

And here, on our baby girl. She was born at 7lbs 7oz, but this was taken at 2 weeks when she weighed 7lbs, 3oz, so she was only slightly larger than the smallest recommended weight. I was really surprised at how well it fit!

This fit around the waist seemed comfortable, and did not irritate her at all. The bottom looks a little puffy, I know, but it’s very light since you don’t need to use an insert for the first 2 weeks or so. It could also be hiked up a little higher, but I like it fitted slightly lower because it doesn’t cut into her belly and it was low enough that the aplix never rubbed her skin.

My biggest concern was the fit around the leg. Hers were pretty teeny and I thought for sure there would be a gap, which would mean a leak. But there wasn’t! As you can see, the butt is a little roomy, but the elastic fit nice and snug around her leg, protecting against leaks.

Plus, those gussets in the leg area are made of a special fleece material (the white part) and contain no PUL, allowing air flow to help prevent rashes. They’re soft and comfy, so they don’t leave red marks on baby’s legs while still providing great protection against leaks or blowouts (we haven’t had one yet!)

Each BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper has a natural fiber inner lining made of an incredibly soft combination of 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo rayon. I’m not kidding when I say that you just might want to sleep with your head on this diaper! It’s a comfy one, for sure, and it only gets softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Each diaper comes with a One Size JoeyBunz Insert for a trim fit and unbeatable absorbency. We used these inside various covers with our first baby and they are what made us die-hard fans of BabyKicks products. They hold a ton of pee, and even though they are made from 6 layers of hemp/organic cotton jersey, they are only 1/8” thick and super trim. You’ll also get a separate Stay-Dry Liner with each diaper, for an even drier feeling, if you choose. 

If you’re planning on diapering your newborn (or bigger!) baby with cloth, I hope you’ll give the trimmest natural fiber diaper on the market a try! There are a lot of choices out there, but these have quickly become our go-to pocket, and you can bet your bum they’ll be yours, too! :)


This post was written as part of the BabyKicks cloth diaper ambassador program. 





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