OMG, I Have Two Kids! {One Month Update}

One month in, and we’re still standing! 

(Actually, yesterday marked one full month with our baby girl, but a killer headache took priority and I hit the sack early.)

Our sweet Little E was born at 7lb 7oz, but at her 2-week appointment she only weighed 7lb 3oz, so they had her listed as underweight. So, to appease them, I took her in for a weight check yesterday. Exactly 2 weeks later, and she had gained a full pound, weighing in at 8lb 4oz. Take THAT! I wish doctors would utilize breastfeeding growth charts consistently. The thought that your baby might not be thriving is very scary, and could really cause doubt in many breastfeeding moms. The best rule of thumb I know: keep an eye on those diapers. If they’re full and frequent, you’re golden. And believe me, Little E has been filling hers like it’s her job (which, I suppose right now it is…) 

Our Little Man is adjusting well to having a little sister. We’ve had some very trying times over the past few weeks, but nothing we can’t handle. I’m working on my own patience and talking to fellow moms who can help renew my commitment to gentle parenting (which I don’t always succeed at, but I’m trying), and constantly reminding my husband to remember that expectations have to be realistic and appropriate considering our son is only 3. He loves his sister very much and is infinitely proud and in awe of her, but he’s also testing us, his boundaries, our patience. He’s pushing all the buttons he can with us, and initially it really freaked me out. I felt like I had lost my boy, my sweet, loving baby…where was he? The defiance and aggression in his face felt so foreign, and I wondered if we hadn’t done a horrible thing to him by disrupting his life this way. I know better, of course, but I felt a little shaky for a few days there. I am happy to report that his behavior is already improving and it’s only been 4 weeks, so overall I think we’re headed in a great direction.

Tandem breastfeeding. I think this one deserves a dedicated post of its own, for sure. The whole scene is not exactly what I expected, but I’m glad we’re doing it. Musical beds are happening a lot at night, but we’re getting some sleep between nursing and rocking and all the things I want to try to do after the kids are asleep (if it ever happens at the same time.) I’d estimate that I’m getting about 5–6 hours a night, usually in 2 short stretches of 2–3 hours each. No complaints. The plan going forward is to get both kids nice and sleepy and full so that they both go down for a long stretch around 9pm each night (all night for Little Man, 4 hours for Little Lady.)  Here’s to hoping!

As far as work goes, I have no idea. I’m set to return the first week of May. No more to say about that at the moment, except that my old life seems so far away right now, but I still do miss it a little.  For now, I’m just trying to enjoy being Mommy to the two most beautiful kids I could have ever imagined.



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