Spring Cleaning: Declutter and Save Money

I was accused of nesting during the last weeks of my pregnancy. I’ve never really believed in the notion that women go into crazy cleaning mode as a precursor to childbirth, but who knows – maybe my body did know I was going to go early. Or maybe it was the impending spring weather that had me feeling the need to deep clean and organize. Either way, now that baby is here and the weather is warming up, the urge to tidy up and “nest” is even stronger than ever!

The problem I always have with getting rid of things is that it makes me feel wasteful. That’s why I like to find ways to turn the things I don’t need into a few bucks that can help me offset the cost of the things I do need.

Take the closet, for example. I won’t be having any more babies, so it’s time for the maternity collection to go. What I do need, on the other hand, Β is a new office wardrobe. So, instead of donating everything I have to the local Goodwill, I’ll be selling my nicer pieces on eBay and taking the rest to a local consignment shop. Same goes for the kids’ clothes (my friend owns a local kids’ consignment shop, so I’ll be helping out a local business, too!)

Another project I’m tackling this spring is a thorough pantry organization. We invested in a new pantry cabinet for our basement this weekend, and I’m in the process of scouring the web for recipes that will use up the ingredients I have on hand so I can restock with fresh ones for spring. Far too many times, I’ve kept things just a little too long and they’ve either gone bad or gotten buggy, and that’s a huge waste of money. With my new pantry, I’ll be able to stock up on sale items when I find them and keep an easy, rotated inventory of what I have on hand. I’m so excited to finally cook a little more after a long pregnancy of dietary restrictions!

Finally, I have to go through our dust collectors. You know, old movies, ancient CDs, video games, those outdated game consoles that fell to the wayside once the newer models showed up. Funny how quickly they fall out of favor, isn’t it?

Every house has one of these old dusty things, right? Please tell me we’re not the only ones…

Honestly, I barely have time for any of that stuff these days, so I might as well weed through it all and clear out some of the clutter. (And, if nobody tips him off, maybe I can even pilfer out some of my husband’s old 90s hair band CDs!) The good news is that there are even services out there, like Music Magpie, that will purchase your old “junk” so you can feel a little better about replacing it with the things you’ll really use, instead of keeping those old dinosaurs hanging around. So go ahead, sell your DS. Is anyone really playing with it, anyway?

So, obviously, I’ve got some work to do this spring. But I’ve already started, and it feels great to be combing through the parts of the house that often get ignored, and turning our house into a more efficient and less wasteful home.

Out with the old, and in with the new! (In moderation, of course) πŸ˜‰

Does spring inspire you to clean and organize? Share your best spring cleaning or spring saving tips below!

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  1. says

    I also have quite a collection for ebay. Now if I can only find the where will all to photograph, describe, and post it all while remembering my ebay and paypal passwords!!!

    Love the pantry, can’t wait to see it filled with a hearty and healthy stockpile!

    • Wendy says

      Part of me wants to go buy a ton of stuff to fill it up, but that would defeat my purpose, I think. Little by little, and definitely with a healthy focus!

      As for eBay, my mom has done it for years and she’s really good at it. I just hate to ask because I know it’s a lot of work! I really need to start my own account. In my spare time…haha…

  2. says

    We’re trying to sell our house so I have been trying to go through things before we put stuff into storage and it’s hard to get rid of stuff without yard sales being “in season”. I have tried Craigslist and even a facebook site but nothing. I feeling a huge purge in the works when we start to move into our new house (fingers crossed on that!) When in doubt an episode or two of Hoarders lights a fire under my butt! haha
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  3. Jessica Lincoln says

    I am actually in the process of spring cleaning now in preparation for a new baby due in may and a military move across the country a week or two after that

  4. Jutta P says

    This spring we downsized our square footage from 1400 sq. feet to 650 sq. feet for 4 people. Yeah, we had to declutter. It was so freeing though. And I even made enough money at our yard sale to fly to Arizona for my sister’s 30th birthday!

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