A Post for the Mom-to-be: You down with ol' PP? @Motherloveherb

Back in my college days, when I fancied myself a bit of a poet, I’d spend my time between classes writing under a campus tree, and subtle alliteration was one of my favorite tools.

Times have changed. These days, the closest I get to poetic inspiration is when I say things like “prenatal and postpartum perineal pain.” While I hope I’ll have time for creative writing again someday, I’m hoping I’ll only have to deal with the big PPPP one more time.

…and when I do, I’ll be properly prepared.

When it comes to childbirth, first time moms get lots of advice. Some of it good, a lot of it bad, but very little of it ever has to do with one of the biggest issues of those first few days after delivery: a sore down-there. I certainly did not know to expect the extreme discomfort I felt after pushing out that first baby, and not being able to sit down for almost 2 weeks put a big damper on my new baby bliss.

…as did swinging my bum up on a table to show my “issue” to a nurse ten years younger than me. It was not my finest moment. 

But we need to talk about it. Moms need to know! Perineal pain (stinging, swelling, hemorroids, tears, stitches, and so on…) is a very, very real issue that nearly every new mom deals with after a vaginal birth, yet nobody seems to warn them about.  These problems can be minor, but they can also cause long-lasting or even permanent discomfort if not properly cared for during the healing process. If you’re new to this whole pregnancy thing, I’ve got one more piece of bad news (sorry…): The pain can start way before you even give birth, just due to the pressure of the baby weighing on your nether-regions. The good news? There are ways to find relief.  

This time around, I’m using Motherlove products, specifically the Sitz Bath Spray and Sitz Bath Concentrate. I’ve loved Motherlove products since we tried their Diaper Rash and Thrush Salve a few years ago, so I started using their mama products around 35 weeks – just because “trouble” was already starting, and I really wanted to keep it under control for as long as possible. I will also keep both of these soothing, magical little bottles on hand in the hospital, as well as at home for my recovery period.

Why Motherlove? Their products are made with pure, certified organic ingredients that are 100% safe and truly effective, and you won’t find that in those random weird sprays they give you in the hospital. Witch hazel, yarrow, lavender and grapefruit essential oils – they all work together to naturally soothe and heal sore, swollen tissues both before and after birth…and trust me, you will not regret having them on hand. I promise.

Motherlove has a really friendly and informative website, too, full of information on caring for the new mama. (Motherlove Tip: Refrigerate the bottles for an even more soothing spritz, or spray them on a piece of fleece, chill, then use as a cooling compress.) Visit them to learn more about the topics that often get lost when everyone is more interested in cute baby toys and soaking up the warm fuzzies of new baby love (and forgets to tell you how much your bum is going to scream out in agony later!)

Click here for info on how to care for your perineum after birth.

And it’s not just vaginal birth mamas that need help! Click here for a podcast on how to care for your c-section scar.

While you’re stocking up on essentials for baby, please, please think of your baby’s mama (that’s you!) A little planning can save you lots of pain later (especially if you’re nursing, which requires lots of sitting!) and there’s no reason to suffer or be embarrassed. Arm yourself, soothe yourself, take care of yourself – all with a little help from Motherlove Herbal products. Find them, along with natural and organic gifts, birth and breastfeeding products, and the hands-down best diaper rash remedy EVER at Motherlove.com.

Happy birthing, and may you sit in peace. :)


  1. Savannah Miller says

    I wish I would of had these products when I had my 2 little boys! These sound like great products, really wish I had access to them a few years ago!!

  2. Elizabeth C. says

    I love Motherlove Herbal products. Their nipple cream was the only kind that helped me. I will have to try these products after this baby is born!

  3. Ashley Parks says

    I have heard such good things about Motherlove products! My midwife was wonderful… while I was giving birth, she brewed some tea and mixed up a little solution in a spray bottom to help with any soreness. I’m not sure if it was the tea or not, but I didn’t have any soreness (and my kid was almost 9 pounds)! lol! She did also want me to take a “sitz bath” and the hubby went looking at CVS, but came back emptyhanded! Next time, I’ll have to try the Motherlove sitz bath goodies…. and, I’ll get them ahead of time! lol!! Thanks for the review!

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