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As a kid, I was rarely seen without my nose in a book. As a college literature major, not much changed (except maybe the size of the books!) So when I became a mom, I couldn’t wait until I could start encouraging my son to have an interest in books, too.

I read to him as a baby, but then he became mobile and I couldn’t read a page without him running off! It never occurred to me that he might not be interested. Luckily, that didn’t last, and now bedtime stories have become our favorite way to wind down, bond, and spend some real QT together.  The only problem? Where to keep all those BOOKS!

Luckily, we’ve found Bookboard! It’s a virtual library at your fingertips! This is the digital age, after all…but that doesn’t mean the stories and imagination found within the pages are any less magical.

Bookboard is a children’s book service that encourages and supports a new generation of readers with a different approach to reading on digital devices. Rather than downloading books you have to purchase, Bookboard offers an affordable subscription service that allows instant exploration of a vast library of books curated just for your child, up to age 12.

Bookboard encourages young readers by helping them discover new titles while earning fun achievements that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (readers can brag!) As they read, families discover, unlock, and collect stories, resulting in a feeling of accomplishment that keeps kids coming back for more. Parents can track reading progress, and use Bookboard’s fun metrics to motivate kids to keep reading.

You can sign up for Bookboard in just 3 easy steps. Then tell Bookboard about you and your family of readers, and it will tune the library for each kid. The more kids read, the more they’re rewarded with more books that Bookboard thinks they’ll like based on their interests and reading habits.

Here are a few shots of how Bookboard works…

The Bookboard user page, which will feature each member of your family:

Your Bookboard library:

Stories vary from highly illustrated picture books…

to chapter books for older kids:

At the end, Bookboard will prompt you to try another book based on what you like:

Then, you (or your child) will unlock achievements based on how many books have been read!

Keep track of it all – reading time, pages read, book read, etc. – clearly and easily on the Bookboard dashboard.

Special Offer: For a limited time, ABCGP readers can gain access to Bookboard’s digital children’s library, which includes their entire collection  of online picture and chapter books for kids up to age 12. Just sign up for one month of free access, and let me or Bookboard know what you think! 


Having trouble giving up your iPad, even for such a good cause? When you sign up for Bookboard and read a book by February 11th, you are automatically entered in a chance to win a free iPad mini. Rules and details can be found at While you’re there, check out the video of Bookboard in action!

*Many thanks to Bookboard for sponsoring today’s discussion and supporting children’s literacy.


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