Pregnancy Journal: 35 Weeks!

Gettin’ down to the wire, baby!! 

Welcome to my Pregnancy Journal: 35 weeks!

 Baby is about the size of a coconut!  (A 5lb coconut? I think this one might be a little off…no offense,

Fun facts about Week 35: According to, baby’s hearing is fully developed and now she’s just focusing on gaining fat and filling out.

Due Date: February 24ish, 2013 

Boy or girl: Baby girl on the way!

Currently craving: Still sweets. Luckily, I’ve been able to control it (mostly.) I find that I often want lattes, and things with cinnamon (happened last time, too.) Today, it was avocado. I totally let myself have that one!!

Currently avoiding: Anything that might spike my sugar, and definitely avoiding big portions of anything. There’s no room left, and if I eat much, I’m SUPER uncomfortable!

Weight: 18 lbs total so far, I think. 2 weeks ago I lost 2 pounds, then went back up 3. :(

Sleep: It’s not happening. I never got a maternity body pillow, and I should have. I can’t sleep if I’m even the slightest bit congested, and I’m getting leg cramps like crazy. Nighttime is kind of a bad scene lately, and it really stinks because then I’m comatose all day at work!

Recent Crazy Dreams: If I slept, maybe. But I don’t.

Symptoms? In addition to the usual stuff, the sciatic pain is really bad. Baby girl is very low, so it’s often hard to walk with all that pressure. Fatigue, too. And, the dreaded Belly Peek has started. All my maternity clothes are fitting like I’m an old man with a big beer belly.  Does this count as a symptom? 😀

Health: So far, so good. Little G measured at 55th percentile (5lbs 3oz) at my last ultrasound, so no worries there. I’m so thankful this whole diabetes thing doesn’t seem to be causing any issues, but I can’t get too confident. I have to keep it up for one more month! Because I’ve been just so, so tired and walking is getting painful, I’ve decided to use a few vacation days at work. I usually get up at 4:3oam and get home from work about 6:30pm, and it’s just too much. Time to cut one day a week! It’s not going to help me get prepared for my leave at work, but c’est la vie, right?

Movement: SO much! I start non-stress tests and fetal monitoring next week, which should be fun because they can’t ever get her on the monitor. She just whacks it and takes off. I just know she’s going to knock me out of my chair one of these days. And the hiccups!! So many hiccups!

Names: Bad subject. We got NOTHIN’.

Any baby related purchases?: Not too many, but I did get a Tripp Trapp from my coworkers! Some clothes, a Hypnobirthing CD, a copy of Adventures in Tandem Nursing, and a few other necessities. I still have to get car seats, although I feel like I need way less than I thought I needed the first time around.

Frustrations: Lack of time, not feeling prepared, painful nursing of my boy, and general discomfort are the things that are frustrating right now. But, nobody said motherhood was easy, and this is all part of it. I could use a little more support at home, but again, c’est la vie.

Bump photo?  In all her glory…


  1. Suzanne says

    You’re lookin good! I gave Kenny and Trudy some stuff for you. Next time you are across the river give them a call, maybe you can meet up and get it.

    • Wendy says

      Aw, thanks Suzanne! We haven’t gotten out much lately, between work and being terrified of the flu. Once she makes her big debut, we hope to stop hibernating and see everyone soon!

  2. sharon b says

    look at that bump. love it. i craved so many sweets at 35 weeks. i think i was eating full packages of oreos. that’s funny craving cinnamon. you can add it to applesauce. yum. i would so love a tripp trapp. it seems so useful than a regular high chair. can’t wait to see more belly pictures.

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