Wanna be a hot, healthy mama? Try Knocked-Up Fitness {DVD Review}

So, if you’ve been following my Pregnancy Journals at all, you’ll know that I was still running until about 28 weeks into my pregnancy. Yeah, well, that’s is not happening any more. At all. 

In fact, I’m having a little trouble even getting around with my back pain and nearly constant Braxton-Hicks contractions. But WOW, do I feel horrible when I’m stagnant and not moving! Especially since my days require me to sit in a car for 3 hours and at a desk for 9.

Even though I’ve only gained about 18 lbs, which is well within my doctor’s recommendations, sitting = unhealthy, unhappy mama. We preggies need to keep moving as long as we can!

The answer? Well, after much forcing myself when I reeealllly didn’t want to, I found the answer in the form of two DVDs I had been staring at for a week or two. You know how they say that once you start exercising, you find yourself with more energy to exercise? That is exactly what happened when I started doing Knocked-Up Fitness!

Knocked-Up Fitness, created by Master Pilates Instructor and Core Specialist, Erica Ziel, targets the sassy, modern mom who wants to maintain her fitness routine while preparing her body for labor, delivery and recovery. The videos address warm-up, core, and total body conditioning gently and effectively. Perfect for the expectant mom who wants to feel good during every stage of pregnancy!

You know how some exercise gurus are…well, annoying? Not Erica. She does a stellar job of leading these workouts. She’s calming and comforting, and she looks great (which is a great source of inspiration!) She reminds you often to breathe correctly and “hug your baby” with your abdominal muscles, which is a super cute reminder of that little guy or gal in there working out along with you.

I have the Prenatal Core Pilates Workout DVD and the Prenatal Pilated-Infused Fitness DVD, and I cannot stress enough how much I really love them and how peaceful and healthy I feel after doing them. I’m just sorry I didn’t get them in my first trimester!

All the exercises demonstrated are gentle, yet feel really effective, and there are modifications throughout so you can do whatever feels comfortable for you at your particular stage (there are several I just can’t pull off with my current belly size!) My favorite by far is the Core Cardio section, which features the “Mermaid Stretch.” It feels so good! It’s an opening stretch that feels great throughout your entire body, and I find myself doing it now even when I don’t have time to turn on the DVD.

The biggest thing I noticed while doing Knocked-Up Fitness is that the workouts really, truly feel like they were created just for me as a pregnant mama. At this stage, my joints are more flexible due to increased prolactin, and these exercises take that into account. The entire DVD (which you can break up and do in separate, shorter workouts) feels like it’s getting my body strong and ready for what lies ahead – and since I’m going to be training for races shortly after baby is born, that’s exactly what I need right now! I want to bounce back as quickly as possible, and Knocked-Up Fitness will help me do just that.


To learn more, visit the Knocked-Up Fitness website where you’ll find lots of info, online workouts, Erica’s blog, and more! The DVDs (including an after-baby version!) are available for purchase on their site, as well. 



  1. Brooke says

    I just might look more into this! I think this is GREAT! I think every mother wishes to stay fight before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and definitely AFTER pregnancy!

  2. Sandra VanHoey says

    I have to share this with my nephews girlfriend. Her sister is expecting right now and this may be something she would be interested in having too


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