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Before Baby To-Do List: The Impossible Bedroom Makeover

Warning: You are about to seriously question my judgement.

A little over a year ago, our family moved into our new house. We made a very conscious decision to think big with the land and small with the house, with our main objective being to grow a lot on our land while keeping our footprint and overall environmental impact small.

Great in theory. In practice? Well…we have a dilemma.

THIS is our son’s room. We really haven’t done anything with it since we moved in.

Please excuse the diaper laundry (they’re clean, I promise.)

This is NOT a nice room. The carpet is ugly, the walls are dull, and there is not a single full-size wall to put furniture against. One wall has stairs, one wall has a radiator, yet another is a partial with a weird-shaped closet. And overall, it’s very small.

Here’s the best part: In 10 weeks, we will be moving baby girl in there, too.

How on EARTH am I going to do it? WHY did we ever think this tiny house was a good idea?! 

Honestly, I do have faith that it can be done, but I know I’m going to need to get creative. Storage is key, and we’re going to have to think “vertical” to make use of all the space. Plus, I know that a coat of fresh paint can make all the difference. Just look at what it did for our awful, 1985-dusty-rose and tacky gold turned cool mustard yellow office!

Hard to believe it’s even the same room!

Even though I have to remind myself of it sometimes, I still believe in our initial commitment to a smaller house. We do have an attic that we plan to turn into 2 bedrooms, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon…and a home decor genius, I’m not.

That’s why I need you! I know that lots of you out there are just full of creative ideas (I’ve seen them, and you amaze me every day!) so I’m hoping maybe you’ll take a look at our pics and send a few of them my way.

What can we do? I need help…and fast! Project Kids’ Room starts the moment the holidays are over!



  1. Lets get started with a nice coat of bright new paint, maybe another rad cover and some kid friendly curtains. Maybe we could build a railing on the stairs and incorporate some narrow shelves . That would make them a little safer for the little ones. Let me know when you want to get started – I’ll be there.

  2. You can do it! That mustard colored office turned out incredible! It looks like a completely different space!
    Shai Smith recently posted..Magazine Feature!My Profile

  3. Love the yellow room! For the kids room have you looked into bins or other things you could hang on the wall that will hold toys, books, clothes, etc. Good Luck!
    Brittney Minor recently posted..Mia Mariu Natural Mineral Makeup For Everyday Wear {Review/Sponsor Spotlight} #MamasNewLookMy Profile

    • Yes! I think hanging bins might be a great way to utilize more wall space, and keep it interesting. Especially on the odd-shaped walls. I’d like to find multicolored ones!

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