Gift Giving: The Right Flowers for the Right Occasions

Wow. What a day.

Yesterday, my day started off with a lost debit card and a flat tire, 30 miles from home. My lunch ended up sitting in my car for too long as I waited for help, so when I stopped to replace it, I treated myself to some flowers for my desk. And you now what? They really helped to brighten the rest of my day! It’s amazing what a little touch of nature can do indoors, especially in the midst of winter.

My favorite flowers ever: the ones my boy picks in our yard!


With that in mind, I bring you some tips today on choosing flowers for gift giving. Treat someone special (or yourself!) today!


Flowers are a traditional and appropriate gift for almost any occasion, and selecting the right type of flower is a key part of conveying a message. The right flowers for the occasion can vary based on the situation, the individual receiving the flowers and the message that the flowers will provide.

Gifts for Love
Flowers are an excellent gift idea to convey love for a spouse, parent, sibling or girlfriend. Although flowers are often given on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and similar special events, the meaning can change based on the color and choice of flowers.

Roses are a great gift for love because it conveys several messages based on the color. Red roses are the symbol for passionate love while lavender roses symbolize love at first sight. Although roses are a great gift, other flowers can also convey love and tenderness.

Lilacs, tulips and daisies are a great gift to show love. The lilac is a symbol of new found love, which is ideal for a newlywed couple or a new relationship. Tulips are a symbol of fame and perfect love, which is a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Although daisies represent innocence and gentleness, it is also appropriate for giving a gift of love.

The appropriate flower gift for a friend is different than the gift for a parent or significant other. While the pink rose symbolizes friendship, other flowers are also appropriate when thinking of a friend. Irises and zinnias are ideal for a friend because of the simple beauty and the symbolism associated with friendship.

Giving Thanks
Gratefulness is a feeling that comes after receiving help, advice or other actions from another. When the other party has opened up his or her heart to offer help and assistance, giving a gift of flowers to show gratitude is a great way to show how they feel.

Campanula symbolizes gratitude and thankfulness, so it is a great accompaniment for a thank you card or a gift giving thanks for the help of another. Hydrangeas are ideal when a friend or loved one has offered advice or understanding during a difficult time. Dark pink roses are also appropriate when conveying gratefulness for the help of another individual.

Flowers to Encourage Health
Sickness, injuries or a surgery of a loved one is a worrisome time. Encouraging good health and giving a gift that is appreciated during the difficult time is a great way to convey feelings. When sending a card with a message of health, giving some flowers will provide more feeling and caring.

The eglantine rose is a great gift idea when a loved one is sick or injured. The flower has a meaning that relates to healing a wound, so it is particularly meaningful when a loved one is injured or has come out of surgery.

Finding the right flower depends on the situation and the individual. Australian readers trying to choose the right flowers for the occasion can visit local sellers like Interflora. Interflora has big range with many different varieties to suit almost any occasion. Although flowers have a wide range of meanings, the best gift idea is always the one that appeals most to the individual.

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