A Fun (Fluffy!) Announcement!

I have some fun, fluffy news! 

First, a little background: For a while, I was an avid cloth diapering mama. We started when our little man was about 4 months old, and continued until he was well over two. I’m not proud that we fell off the wagon a little toward the end, but I was struggling with transitioning back to full-time work,  being sick for months on end and a very stressful pregnancy loss, so I gave myself permission to use sposies for a little while.

Well, our tiny guy is now 100% potty-friendly, so sposies are out of our lives…and as we get ready to welcome Baby Girl into the mix, we’re also planning on breaking out the fluff once again! 

We’ve missed having a big fluffy butt around, and we can’t wait to start again with a new house, new water, new washing machine, and (drum roll, please!) a new ambassadorship!

ABCs and Garden Peas is now a BabyKicks Ambassador!

Why BabyKicks?

We LOVE this brand! Way back when we first started, I struggled with microfiber stink, and BabyKicks’ natural hemp fiber JoeyBunz inserts saved us. They’re our absolute favorite insert, and we owe them our success with cloth diapering. BabyKicks has a lot of other diapering products, from pockets to prefolds (some of which I’ve tried, some I look forward to trying, and some super-secret new things, too!) and I can’t wait to bring you our reviews when our tiny girl arrives.

For now, I’ll be busy learning more about BabyKicks as a brand, and all the things they have to offer, and spreading the word about our great experience with their JoeyBunz in the hopes of inspiring new moms everywhere to give cloth a go!

Do you use BabyKicks? Do you have any comments or questions about them? Leave them in a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer (and if I can’t, I’ll find you an answer from my friends at BabyKicks!)

Stay tuned, folks…exciting things are on the way! 😀


  1. Julie says

    To answer Regina’s question- sun. Hang your microfiber inserts out on a clothesline or even over the top of a fence if you don’t have a clothesline. I do this with my synthetic covers & pocket diapers and it works.

    As far as using BabyKicks- no. I haven’t been able to get around to buying any this time around. I was going to try one pocket but there was some difficulty with the shopping cart at the particular site I was ordering from and I was never able to complete my order. I was an impatient pregnant mama at the time so I ordered from another site and the new site didn’t carry the diaper I wanted so I never got one.

    I would love to try BabyKicks.

    When I was cloth diapering my last baby, hemp diapers were new. I bought one hemp fitted and didn’t like it much because It was stiff. I don’t remember the brand.

    Since I still liked the idea of hemp I’ve bought a few hemp diapering items this time around and I guess diaper manufacturers have gotten much better because I like them a lot. They’re so absorbent.

    I just started following your blog so I’ll try to keep up with you Babykicks posts.

    • Wendy says

      Thanks, Julie! I agree, hemp can be stiff. What I always did with my inserts was sun them on the line, and then put them in the dryer for about 5 minutes (once they’re already dry) to soften them up.

      Thanks for following! I should have a few BabyKicks posts coming up, but most will appear after our new baby arrives in February! :)

  2. says

    I love the JoeyBunz inserts! That’s what we used for overnight. I never tried their diapers though. Do they come with Aplix? And good for you for getting back into cloth. We are on a CD break right now, but I need to get back at it very soon.
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    • Wendy says

      The premium pocket diaper does come with a hook and loop closure – that’s the one we’re hoping to try first on our newborn!

      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your goal of getting back into CD! There’s nothing like folding and putting away clean cloth. I love it! :)

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