Pregnancy Journal: 27 Weeks

Welcome to the latest installment of My Pregnancy Journal! 

How far along: 27 weeks on Monday!

Baby is about the size of a rutabaga! 

Fun facts about Week 18: According to, baby is practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs, and brain activity is increasing, too. She’s getting to be a real smarty pants!

Due Date: February 24ish, 2013 

Boy or girl: Baby girl on the way!

Currently craving: Sweets. Donuts, candy, cinnamon buns, and oddly enough, McGriddles. I’m not eating any of those things, but I sure want to!

Currently avoiding: See above.

Weight: 10 lbs total so far.

Sleep: Bad subject. (Yawn.)

Recent Crazy Dream: Nope, none. I don’t think I’m sleeping in long enough stretches.

Symptoms? Lack of appetite, fullness, slight heartburn that I hope doesn’t get worse. Breathlessness. The worst thing right now is probably the sciatica that seems to be increasing by the day. Oh, and charlie horses. Those are the worst! 

Health: Good! I had an appointment last week, and they’re still telling me that my sugar levels are being adequately controlled by diet. No meds yet. Everything else looks just as it should, and I have a high-risk ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday this week.

Movement: Tons! This one is a mover and a shaker, for sure. A few times, she made me yelp out loud at work. Ha! I’m sure I’m feeling movements I never felt with my son (and from what I can feel, I think she may still be breech.)

Names: Still no idea. At all.

Any baby related purchases?I bought a purple ring sling and a Boba Air carrier. Babywearing, here I come!

Frustrations: The anxiety I’ve been experiencing has been up and down, with the last few days being a real challenge. I’m already having lots of trouble sleeping with my congestion, but my little man has been sick, too, and up at night with a fever and vomiting. Once I wake up, the anxiety begins. I’m not sure why, but it seems to turn into a whole different beast at night. One that tells me I can’t do this, I’m scared, I’m not strong, I need the baby OUT. NOW. It’s pretty scary, but I’ve been researching some hypnobirthing methods, and I’m hoping that helps once I learn a little more. I’m finding that as long as I can get my head in the right place, the panic is a little more manageable, so that’s my goal.

Bump photo?  Proof that I’m still movin’ it when I can!



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