Oompa Toys: Automoblox Review and Giveaway {Ends 12/10}

Not long ago, my very favorite little boy in the whole world celebrated his 3rd birthday! 

It just so happened that on that very special day, we received a very special package in the mail from Oompa Toys. It was good news for the birthday boy, but not such good news for all the other toys at the party.

Once he got a glimpse of what was inside that package, it was all over. He only had eyes for Automoblox. 

What are Automoblox? I wasn’t so sure at first. Were they blocks? Some kind of wooden car?

Well, sort of.

They’re both!

Automoblox are beautifully crafted toy automobiles made out of German beech wood. Each car breaks down into interchangeable parts so your little one (3 and older) can use their imagination creating countless designs. The first thing I noticed when I took the time to really look at these is that they are no ordinary wooden toys. They are so well-made, with wheels that roll as smooth as butter. Each piece is definitely heirloom quality and made to last.

The designer of the Automoblox line, Patrick Calello, does a bang-up job and I’d love to shake his hand. My son has only had these cars for about a week, and you wouldn’t believe the hours he’s already spent completely fixated on them. A great bonus: Dad and Pop Pop like to play with them too! I love to sit back and watch them all build together.

Automoblox come in larger sizes, too, but we started off with the mini ones, just right for 3-year-old hands. The Mini S9/C9/T9 Set comes with a green truck, a red sports car and a blue sedan.


In just this one set, there are plenty of pieces to mix and match. Oompa Toys carries a whole bunch of others minis, too, and I’m looking forward to adding a few to our set (in fact, I’m having trouble stopping myself from browsing online and going a little overboard with all the cool minis available.) Automoblox have really solved our dilemma of what toys to buy for holiday gifts this year. Any toy of this quality that encourages fine motor skill development, creative problem solving and an understanding of mechanics is on the top of my “must-encourage” list!

Neat fact: Each car even comes with its own serial number, making it completely unique. (You can see the logo and serial number sticker on the block in the back with the green pegs.)

Can you tell we’ve got a winner here? I really can’t say enough positive things about Automoblox. From the quality finish of the wood to the practically indestructable wheels, these innovative toys definitely deserve a place on your holiday gift list!

Buy it!

Check out all the Automoblox available at Oompa Toys, from full-size trucks and sports car to minis and more. Don’t forget to visit Oompa Toys on Cyber Monday and show your support for businesses that truly value your children and the quality of their playthings.

Win it!

Oompa Toys has offered THREE (Yes, THREE!) lucky winners their very own Automoblox Mini C9R Red and White Sports Car! {Valued at $10 each} It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, so don’t miss your chance to enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below!

C’mon, you know you wanna win it!

*Disclosure: We received a product sample from Oompa Toys for review purposes. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. We honestly think Automoblox are some of the best toys we’ve found yet!

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  1. Denise N. says

    I would love to win this for my youngest daughter. She loves cars and building with blocks so these are a sure hit with her.

  2. Jena C says

    My twin boys love this kind of stuff! They are also getting to an age where they are enjoying building things. I know they would have fun with these!

  3. Diana Cote says

    I would love to win these because my daughter loves cars, I have been wanting one of these for her for quite a bit but haven’t been able to afford it for her. :)

  4. Mama_Amethyst says

    I’d love to win one for my daughter. It would set her car apart from her brothers…sometimes…she needs special toys too!

  5. Natali says


    My son loves putting things together and loves cars, so automoblox are perfect. I like that they are wood and have such clean lines, what a cool design!

  6. Jen says

    My girls love pushing cars around. They think it’s hilarious when the cars “accidentally” drive on their toy train tracks.

  7. Susan says

    My husband and I were literally just discussing the automoblox last night for our 3-year-old, and wishing there were more photos that gave us a better idea of the pieces and proportions. Thanks for the timely blog (and give-away!)

    • Wendy says

      That’s great, Susan! I hope it was helpful. I’m sure the full-size ones are great, but I’m really loving the minis!

  8. Katherine says

    MY son would love this! He’ll be two at the end of year! and loves cars, trains, airplanes, anything that moves!

  9. Laura W. says

    I would love to win because I think my nearly 5 year old would love them. I actually gave a set a year ago as a gift, and ever since then I have been keeping them in mind for my son!

  10. judi says

    Any toy that involves building things is a total winner at our house. I have 3 boys that would love this and a couple of my girls would enjoy it too.

  11. hollylynn says

    my son is really into cars and id like something different than the reg cars you can find. this would be perfect.

  12. Michelle Tucker says

    I’d love to win so I could give my little cousin something totally unique compared to his other cars.

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