Wanna feel like a hot mama? Check out Isabella Oliver Maternity!

Have you seen the Maternity and Baby Guide that has found a home up in the tabs at the top of my page? I’ve been having a blast checking out some really great maternity wear lately, and you can find it all there. Today, I have a really unique review for you from one of the very best maternity collections I’ve found anywhere: Isabella Oliver. 

The reason I started reviewing maternity clothes is my inability to find anything worth wearing in my local stores.  I wanted this time in my life to be nothing but positive! I never feel as good about my body as I do when I’m expecting, but it’s easy to fall into a pregnancy slump on those days when you start feeling the SIZE creeping up on you, so clothes with the right fit are super important. I want to celebrate the bump, not hide it! The selection in my local stores is boring and anything but celebratory, which is why I was so excited to find Isabella Oliver’s site. What immediately caught my attention was the cut of their tops, tunics and dresses, with the wrapping and ruching that have become their signature, as well as a maternity staple for those who want to feel fantastic instead of frumpy.

My top pick at Isabella Oliver is the Loungewear Dress in dusted khaki. Here is what it looks like on a thin, beautiful model… 😉

And now, here’s what it looks like on me (Not sure how smart it is to post these pics right next to each other, but hey – I’m all about truth in advertising! haha…)

 The very first time I put this dress on, I knew I’d eventually wear it out. If I could wear it every day, I would. It has a button front with a flattering front tie and some easy pleats around the belly to allow for a perfect fit throughout every stage of pregnancy. The best part? It can be worn before, during and even after pregnancy (for easy nursing! Bonus! Bonus!)

I’ve worn this dress with high heels and a light sweater to work and ballet flats on the weekend, and paired it with both tights and Isabella Oliver’s Easy Leggings, which really put the comfort level over the top. (While we’re talking leggings, please, please check these out! They sit below the belly so they can be worn after pregnancy, too, and they are so warm, soft and versatile. If you’re pregnant in the colder weather, they’re a wardrobe essential!)


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am no more comfortable in sweats or pajamas than I am in this outfit. I get compliments every time I wear it (from my husband too! 😉 ), which is much appreciated at this stage of the game!

Any cons? For me, the top of the dress is slightly tight. This is a size 3, so if you’re bigger up top, you might want to go up a size, especially if nursing. But that’s it. Nothing else to complain about. (Except maybe the fact that I want to order about a dozen other things now, but I can hardly blame them for that…)

Loved by celebrities as well as everyday moms like me, Isabella Oliver offers everything for pregnancy, from dresses and loungewear to jackets, coats and lingerie. Shipping is free in the US on orders over $199. The Loungewear Dress ($145) is available in khaki and blue melange at IsabellaOliver.com. The Easy Leggings ($65) are available in black. Go get ’em!

So what do you think? Is it important to feel like a hot mama while pregnant? Do you think of Isabella Oliver Maternity does the trick?

*Disclosure: I received the pieces described above at no cost for review purposes. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review, and I’ve provided nothing but honest opinions based on my experience with Isabella Oliver. 



  1. Amanda West says

    When I was pregnant, finding cute clothes that didn’t look like moo moos was so hard to do. This outfit is amazingly so so cute and you rock it! You deserve those compliments, you are adorable :)

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