Candy gets unjunked with UNREAL!

I thought I could avoid it. I really did. I thought I could keep my child from discovering the wonder of candy.

Naive newbie parent award goes to me! My son turns 3 next month and as much as he loves his fruits and veggies and all things healthy, he has most definitely discovered candy, and he’s in love. It started with a few treats at school, then a gummy here and there. A box of Tic-Tacs in my purse put him over the edge. But who am I to talk? I’ve been a candy fiend all my life, and there’s almost nothing I enjoy more than a good chocolate bar.

So, here’s where I have to find a compromise. I want my son to learn about moderation, and the idea that things like candy DO exist, and we can enjoy them within the realm of an overall healthy diet. Plus, it just makes him happy, and that makes me happy. BUT, the problem lies in which candies to give him. For the small amount we do eat, I can’t afford to be ordering non-junky candies online. It’s just too much trouble, and it can be costly. So I’m left with the candy in our local stores, and I Just. Will. Not. give him a bag of M&Ms or some of the other things made with nasty chemical food dyes, corn syrup or other garbage.

It’s natural, or it’s nothing. Period.

So, that leads me to a great discovery – the new line of candy with a conscience.

UNREAL is candy without the junk. UNREAL products are made with wholesome ingredients, with more fiber and more protein. Dairy from pastured cows that are given no antibiotics or hormones. Natural colors (liked red beets and purple cabbage) instead of synthetic dyes. Traceable, responsibly farmed cacao beans (and more of them, since there’s not so much other “filler” stuff in there.) It’s more than just candy with fewer harmful ingredients. It’s candy with beneficial ingredients!

But how does it taste, you ask? (Because that’s the most important thing, right?) It’s fantastic! My son loves it, my husband loves it, and all the folks I shared with in my office were convinced enough to go out and buy it. Each of the 5 items offered by UNREAL is an alternative to a popular candy bar already on the market (like peanut butter cups!), and we all think they far exceed the originals in flavor and texture.

UNREAL products are now available in 18,000 stores nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and Sheetz, and will be available in more than 30,000 retailers by end of year. The best part of this whole deal? These items are being offered at a comparable retail price ($.89 – $1.29, $4.99 for family sized bags) and displayed right next to the traditional candies, so they’re going to be a REAL alternative, not a high-priced, unattainable option found only in the healthy aisle.

UNREAL is a small company with a fantastic mission, so please! Support them! I’m giving out UNREAL products for Halloween this year, and I plan to keep a bag of UNREAL 41 in my fridge for my little man to enjoy little by little. (Curious about the number? Visit the UNREAL website and see what it’s all about! And make sure you read the ingredients lists while you’re there. You’ll be able to pronounce every word!)

Look for the bright, bold packaging in stores now!

*This is a Type C post. I received product samples to facilitate my review, but was under no obligation to provide positive comments. We really love UNREAL!


  1. Laura says

    These look good, I’ll have to look for them at our local store. Have you tried Yum Earth Lollipops? My sons love them (so I have to hide the bag), but they are delicious, and if they are going to have a treat, I’d rather it be those than something else!

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